"Reportera de la televizor este tânără."

Translation:The reporter from the television is young.

December 27, 2016



So would you say this sentence could also be translated (into more every-day English) as "The TV reporter is young." ?

March 7, 2017


yes, this is actually what it means... (rejected, tho, just tried it, 2017-07-18)

July 18, 2017


Important to note that 'televizor' is the physical television device, whereas 'televiziune' is television in a more abstract concept. If you think that 'televiziune' is tedious, you might get rid of your 'televizor'. So in this sentence, she is NOT being indicated as a TV reporter, but as a reporter we are seeing on the PHYSICAL tv set. (Unless a native speaker disagrees? This is how it's been explained to me by native speakers.)

December 27, 2016


We rarely say televiziune though. From my experience, televizor started meaning both the physical device and the more abstract concept.

So I guess we would use televiziune to, for example, clearly distinguish between saying that someone is working on fixing the device and someone working in the television industry.

  • El lucrează la televizor. is very vague without context on whether he is working in the television industry or that he's working on... fixing the TV.

  • El lucrează în televiziune. would be very clear, but we may end up saying it the previous way.

December 31, 2016


Thanks for this! In 2002, my teachers were eager for me to make this distinction, which perhaps is no longer relevant. Asta e.

December 31, 2016
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