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  5. "Dw i'n mynd i Aberystwyth."

"Dw i'n mynd i Aberystwyth."

Translation:I am going to Aberystwyth.

December 27, 2016



If «Welsh does not make a distinction between 'I swim, I make, I eat' and so on, and 'I am swimming', 'I am making', 'I am eating',» [from 'Tips and Notes' in the Present Tense 2 lesson], why 'I go to Aberystwyth' is not accepted, being the only valid answer 'I am going to Aberystwyth'?


As a sentence on its own, 'I go to Aber' would be unusual in English, whereas 'I'm going to Aber' is a common pattern.

'I go to Aber twice a week' or '..to visit my aunt', etc, would be a common usage.


So if the sentence was 'I go to Aber on Thursdays' would dw i'n mynd i Aber ddydd Iau be correct?


Almost - 'on Thursdays' = ar ddydd Iau

  • dydd Iau - Thursday
  • ddydd Iau - on Thursday
  • ar ddydd Iau - on Thursdays
  • ar dydd Iau 20ain o fis Mai - on Thursday the 20th of May


Thank you for the very clear explanation!


It should be accepted, albeit sounding odd. Though...

"I ba brifysgol wyt ti'n mynd?" (To which university do you go?" "Dwi'n mynd i (brifysgol) Aber" (I go to (the university of) Aber"

So actually, depending on the context, the translation of "I go to Aber" being "Dwi'n mynd i Aber" is perfectly correct.

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