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"More like against"

February 17, 2013



Lots of questions, and understandably so, since at least to me Duo never showed me a translation to "more like". Not a good german speaker, so I can't say what "Eher kontra" actually means, but for the english part:

"More like" is a colloquial expression, and is usually used as a response. A - Did you see Milan beat Barcelona? What an upset. B - More like a miracle.

A - We are in a depression right now, our unemployment is at 8%! B - No way, if we were in a depression we would be more like Greece, at 27%!

Hopefully these examples make sense. But that said, both the english and the german sentences seem unnatural as "stand-alones", so I'd suggest Duo revise or exclude them.


In addition: I immediately thought of this: Will you vote for the latest law we're working on? – No, more like against it. I can't come up with any context where one would say 'Eher kontra'. In this example and in general it's very likely one would rather say 'Eher dagegen', which brings it back closer to the original sentence.


What does this mean?

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