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  5. "What is she like?"

"What is she like?"

Translation:Sut un yw hi?

December 27, 2016



I'm struggling to parse the correct answer here, can anyone help? What is the function of un in the sentence?


un here is acting as a noun - 'a one'.

sut...? in front of a noun is best translated as 'what (is) ... like?', and it is followed by a soft mutation.

So instead of the literal 'how a one is she?' It renders into awkward English as 'What sort of a one is she?' or, better, 'What is she like?'. An example if where English and Welsh use very different patterns to convey the same meaning.

  • Sut athro yw e? - What sort of teacher is he?, How is he as a teacher?, etc
  • Sut ddyn ydy o? - What sort of man is he?
  • Sut le yw Aber - What is Aber likeas a place?, What kind of a place is Aber?'

In comparison, Sut mae hi?, with the question refering to the verb mae, means simply 'How is she?', as in asking about how is her health/feeling.


That's good and clear. Diolch!.


Must I use yw? Or can I use ydy or mae?


See my earlier answer above. In this usage of sut...? it is followed by yw/ydy. There will be further examples in the course notes for the section.


I do 4 languages on duolingo, and none of them has such good and quick feedback and help as ibisc. thanks so much.

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