"The cook likes the dog."

Translation:Der Koch mag den Hund.

February 17, 2013

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Der Hund / Den Hund


Please correct me if I am wrong. In accusative case, we are implying that (Der Koch mag den Hund) the cook likes THE DOG (a particular dog only). And if I am saying "Der Koch mag der Hund" or better "Der Koch mag die Hunde", we say that the cook likes the dog/dogs (in general, he likes the dogs, he is a dog-person)

Is this correct?


You cannot say "Der Koch mag der Hund", this is not gramatically correct. You can say: "Der Koch mag Hunde" -- in which case it means that the cook likes dogs in general, and "Der Koch mag die Hunde", in which case there is a group of dogs you are talking about, and the cook likes them.

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