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Yucatec Maya & Spanish

Good evening,

Recently this year, I had the wonderful opportunity to study Spanish near Tulum, Mexico. There, I noticed a unique dialect that I had never heard before. It incorporated vocabulary from Yucatec Maya, which made some of the speech a bit unrecognizable. Here are some examples:

belearse -- to concern oneself (with something)

No me beleo en política.

-Probably comes from beel meaning matter or concern

tacarse -- to be destitute/in poverty

Una mayoría de la población se tacaba.

-Probably originates from the word taak meaning want

tata -- grandfather, elder family member

¿Dónde está mi tata?

-Probably comes from tata meaning grandfather

There are plenty more words of Mayan descent. The above are only a few that I found very interesting. I kept a notebook about my trip so that I could refer back. I will be returning to Mexico in April 2017 as well.

¡Gracias y tengan un buen día!

December 28, 2016

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