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"Culoarea inelului este galben."

Translation:The color of the ring is yellow.

December 28, 2016



Why is "Culoarea inelelor este galben" wrong?


”inelelor” are more than one ring.


I know but the exercise I had was to select the correct answer between "Culoarea inelelor este galben" and "Culoarea inelului este galben" using the dropdown menu. Would both answer be correct?


Both sentences are fine in Romanian, but the first one means ”the color of the rings is yellow” while the last means ”the color of the ring is yellow”.


”Culoarea...este galbenă” and ”inelul este galben” are the correct formulations in Romanian.


I may be wrong, but I think the lack of agreement is due to the fact that "galben" is a noun here, because you're not describing the color, but rather naming it. A more familiar syntagm to support this is "Culoarea mea prefereată e roșu/albastru/galben." (not roșie/albastră/galbenă). It's confusing because "culoare" is feminine and all color nouns share their form with the masculine adjective...


So this is another example of multiple choice answers where two answers are equally valid, but one is arbitrarily rejected, when it should be accepted. But there is no "My answer should be accepted" option when you try to report it, similar to https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28189696. So how do we report these?


I clicked on "something else went wrong" and then I wrote "the other answer is correct too"


I still don't understand why the answer HAS TO BE "inelului".... Can someone explain in English please....


My understanding is that the answer doesn't have to be "inelului", and that "inelelor" is also a valid answer. Unfortunately the question will accept only one answer, even though two correct options are available.


If anyone here knows, is there a colour gold in Romanian?


Auriu/aurie (from aur=gold)

[deactivated user]

    This is one instance where I need to check the Duolingo dictionary, because two options are correct, but I don't know which correct answer will be accepted by Duolingo.

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