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"Care este itinerariul până la destinație?"

Translation:What is the itinerary to destination?

December 28, 2016



The English sentence what is the itinerary to destination sounds a bit off to me. Since I'm not a native English speaker, and I'm not quite sure what meaning the Romanian sentence is conveying, I'll leave it up to someone else to pinpoint the problem.

I will say this: I think destination is missing an article such as the. I also think that the word itinerary is used slightly differently in the English language.

Google translates Care este itinerariul până la destinație to What is the route to the destination

I say these things most respectfully. Thanks for providing us with a Romanian course for English speakers.


You are definitely right about "the" being required before definition. The word "itinerary" in contemporary American English usually refers to a sort of schedule. It can often refer to the places along a route, but generally more in the temporal than the spacial sense. An itinerary, thus, doesn't really have a destination, but rather is a series of destinations in chronological order, a synonym for "schedule." I would say this word "itinerariu" would probably be best translated by a word like "route."


An itinerary would be "for" something, not "to" something (it is a plan for a trip).


This sentence makes absolutely no sense in English! I notice this problem quite a lot with the Romanian course. I would ask "What is the route to the destination. An itinerary is not just a route, but a detailed schedule of travel including layovers.


When I put this into google translate it came up as "What is the route to your destination?". Would that be a better translation? Or is "What is the itinerary to destination?" a better translation?


No offense intended, but "What is the itinerary to destination?" sounds like a native Russian speaker attempting to say this in English. As a native English speaker, "What is the itinerary to destination?" is completely unnatural.


it should be the itinerary to the destination ..... even then it sounds a bit clumsy


My question is whether, in this instance, 'care' could be translated as "which". "which" would imply multiple, specific routes, with the interlocutor being asked to specify WHICH one? WHAT is the route to the destination (aside from being redundant since a route by definition has a destination) implies that no specific routes are being contemplated, and the speaker has no preconceived notion as to which way to go. So, does "care..." cover both "which" and "what" in this instance?


Grateful for this free course in Romanian, but also hoping a native speaker of English is able to do some proofreading on the next course edit.


Google Translate gave me "Which is the itinerary to the destination?" James' answer above covers the lack of the article in the answer and the fact that route would be a better translation. I can't see how this question would ever be used in English or Romanian, tbh, but then quirky questions are Duolingo's specialty!


If itinerariul here means itinerary in terms of a planned documentation of events, and not simply a route, then I think the translation needs significant rewriting, probably by removing any reference to "destination" as it's not relevant.


What is a itinerary


It is the schedule of stops on a journey. You can think of it as a sort of travel to do list.


Must be to the destination in English


+1 for also accepting route


This sentence sounds a bit like something out of Startrek - not something that people say in real life.


To a native English speaker, this English sounds as utterly wrong in the context of something out of Star Trek as it does in any other context.

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