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PushkinOnline - Another way to learn Russian online!


There was a Русский день in my city a few weeks ago and since most of the people there were Russian imigrants, I got the chance to speak to them. I met a Russian woman from the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, a famous Russian school for languages. She told me about Pushkin Online, a free Russian academy from A1 to C2! If you want to check it out:


I have already done a few lessons. They start by introducing you to the alphabet, cursive, pronountiation, a really intensive course, I must tell you.

I don't know if this has ever been posted here, I'm sorry if it was!


December 28, 2016



This looks useful, thanks for sharing. I really need to stop being cowardly and try to stretch my Russian instead of staying in my nice little comfort zone, so more advanced material is a bonus! Спасибо!


I suggest going from A1 to cover all basis, as we know, Duolingo isn't supposed to be a full on teacher. As I previously stated, it's a rather intensive, and in the beginning for people who already have some experience, it can be quite tedious. But so far, I have been noticing an improvement on my listening skills (they make you listen and repeat a lot of 2 letter sounds).


Oh, I plan to be thorough, although I learned Russian long before Duolingo came on. I decided to start with the tests, though they're quite long; figured it would be the most helpful way to figure out where to go from there. The last few times I took the progress test here I got 5/5, despite knowing I made errors, so I don't have a very good way of figuring out if I've got better!

Once upon a long ago I was fluent in Russian (I mean, C1-2), because I studied it at uni. I don't know if I'll ever get back there, but I'd really like to claw my way back to a good B1-2 standard at least.


Thank You for sharing this, seems very cool!


How do I start the course? I registered and all, but all I get is the table of contents.


https://pushkininstitute.ru/cabinet/user_courses click on "Resume" on the right. If not, just open the course and go through until you find the first lesson.


This is what I get: "Вы пока не подписаны ни на один курс" With my limited understanding of Russian it seems to say I haven't signed up on any course yet.


Correct -that what it means. I was under the impression that you had to take one of the Tests first before you can start any particular course. However, maybe that's where I went wrong. Could someone please confirm.


I confirm that you do not have to take any test to get into the course. I did this a while ago, but I remember I took these steps: - Open up the main page - "Learn More" button on the A1 course - Scroll down until "Course options" and enter - On the link I posted above (user_courses one), click on "Begin" and it took me to the first exercise.

Mind that your privacy related plugins may influence the response of the website.


Hugo, well, I'd be glad to do the course, but so far I haven't found it :D I'll see what happens after the tests, though...


Thanks Hugo - I thought the A1 test was far too difficult for a beginner. But having done it I've already learnt quite a lot - so shouldn't grumble. :-)


I don't think there was anything I could "enter", unless it was in Russian again... I ended up doing the tests, two done a few more to go. I've averaged about 80 % correct which is not bad in my opinion!


In fact, I now realise that I took the FINAL TEST which I mistook for the Assessment test. Ignorance is bliss?


Ahaha, nice Caversham! Didn't you get a "If you do this without finishing the exercises that you left behind, you won't receive points"? That's what I got one time I tried to do an A2 exercise. I don't think you can just right through the A1 test without that message. chirel, you should go for the A1 right from the beginning, I really advise you to take the phonetics course. As I stated, it's really intensive and sometimes boring, but it helps a lot (I don't know how your language compares to Russian phonetically, if it's day and night, it'll surely help you!)


Hugo - Well, the course is not for me. If there is a more clunky, user-unfriendly site I have yet to meet it. Anyway, good luck with your studies!


That's a shame ... I mean, the website isn't Duolingo, but it isn't that bad, the code behind it it's rather solid and the website visually appealing, at least to me! Are you sure none of your plugins are messing with it? Maybe chaning your browser might help. Or maybe you just can't get used to the website.


Click on A1 - Start learning - Don't forget to scroll down to (Submit application) Отправитьзаявка. Tha tshould take you to the first lesson of A1. Good luck

Hugo - Once again many thanks. If at first you don't succeed . . . :-)


Thank you for the link!, if you are still using duo lingo than join my Russian learning group. Join


Wow, looks great. Thanks!


Wow, it looks really professional! Большое спасибо! I will definitely try it out.


This is great. i'm making my way through their evaluation test. So far quite humbling :)


Am I the only one who thought the Test for A1 rather a challenge? I also don't quite see the point why a test taking the best part of two hours to complete is needed to start Russian at Elementary Level. Am I missing something?


Really great, thank you !


No, I didn't - but stubborn as I am I just ploughed on regardless.


Well, at least you know where you stand, what you need to improve, etc. If you passed, you will get an electronic certificate for completing the course I believe!


Well, life's too short. Try as I might I can't work out how to get access to the actual course. Have sent feedback to pushkin.


Try to access this link - it's the first exercise of the A1 course. https://pushkininstitute.ru/learn/practices/5#1 . Make sure you have this course! http://screencloud.net/v/mD4L


Many thanks for trying to help, Hugo. Clicking on first link: Страница не найдена 404 No idea what to do with the Screencloud shot. Shall continue with Pimsleur and Russian Accelerator as well as Duo.

Большое спасибо и С Новым Годом


That's what I get too :(


It's a shame, the only thing left I could advise is to try to register a new account. You should try it, this course really makes you aware of all the little details :) С новым годом, удачи!


Great advice, thanks! Just took their test now (geez that's a long one) and they advise me to start in the B2 course.



I did the test and they recommended me for the B1 level. I would like to hear your opinions. I have trouble to get points for the phonetics excercises and I guess it must be related to some plugins or the flash-player or I don't know what. I think I could benefit very much from this course, but they would not let me to continue to the next excercises if i haven't finished the audios. Anyone with a similar problem and (at best) the solution at hand? I use the firefox browser and have never encountered such problems while using duolingo, memrise etc.

I am fiercly determined to finish the course at the pushkin institute - it is a great and rich source - and would be very grateful if anyone can help me to get that fixed.


I use the same website but have problem. But I have a problem. When I submit the quiz that I complete and close the screen it does not save what i have done. For example when i complete three exercise and close then come back, I found the exercises locked. When I click on first the exercise and next to others I can see how long it took to do and my grade but can not start where I left off.

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