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"Me gusta la carne de cangrejo."

Translation:I like crab meat.

February 17, 2013



Why is it me and not yo?


Because this sentence literally says: "Crabmeat pleases me." So it is the crabmeat that is performing the action. From my understanding, you never 'like' something in Spanish, rather 'something pleases you,' if that makes sense. :)


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Thank you very much MagdaSoko, really helpful :)


When I see me gusta, I think: me = to me, gusta = is pleasing. The rest of the sentence describes what is pleasing. It all falls together pretty easily after that.


"I like the meat of crab" does not sound like correct english to me. Why is "I like meat from crabs" not correct?


'meat of crab' is fine English and a OK translation here. "cangrejo" is singular we'd likely say "I like crab meat" rather than "crab's meat"


If a native English speaker said "I like the meat of crab" to me, I'd probably look at them oddly - it doesn't sound very natural to me at all. The only time it MIGHT work is if the focus of a discussion were on "meat" in various forms. But even then, it is unusual, not "fine English" in my book. In English, "meat" is presumed to be mammalian (or possibly fowl, but less so), e.g. wordnik.com:

"The edible flesh of animals, especially that of mammals as opposed to that of fish or poultry."

As an example, we don't typically say "salmon meat" or "meat of salmon", we say "salmon" or "fish".

"I like crab meat" is the most natural and best translation here. And in everyday conversation, simply "I like to eat crab" works very well - "meat" is superfluous.


ha ha who else put kangeroo?!


I am so glad someone "heard" that as well.


Why didn't I get credit for "crab meat pleases me"? Wouldn't that be an ok translation?


You are right, it does mean that but would you really say that. I think we have two steps when translating. Step one is determine what the spanish sentence means in spanish. Step Two is to put it into English words that are common in English. Word for word translation just doesn't work.


Yes, I see what you are saying. When i first learned the verb "gustar" and how it was conjugated it was SO odd. However, now I just look at anything with "me gusta" as "blank pleases me", even though I know it is "I like blank" in English. However, I still feel like Duolingo should give credit for it and then put another translation at the bottom like it does for other things.


Wouldn't the proper conjugation of 'gustar' in this context be 'gusto', as in "Me gusto la carne de cangrejo"? Or, is 'gusta' used to accommodate 'la carne'?


Gusta has to match la carne - Google "verbs like gustar" for a thorough explanation


Cool. Thanks! I know 'me gusta' is 'I like', but I was just curious. Clearly, I still have much work to do.


We all do - No worries


"yo quiero la carne de cangrejo" is that correct too?


why is the conjuction of gustar is not the I conjuction? its always usted\el\ella eventhough the subject is "I"

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