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"Este ora patru și douăzeci de minute."

Translation:It is twenty past four.

December 28, 2016



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Why is not the more literal translation of "It is 4 o'clock and 20 minutes" accepted?

There are many ways this could be expressed equivalently in English, however, Duolingo does not express this. Likewise I could say "It is four[-]twenty o'clock", or what if I wrote "4:20", does that matter?

"It is twenty minutes past four o'clock" is also not accepted.


Do Romanians say the full above phrase, or would they just say "patru douăzeci"?


Does Romanian always inlude the words "hour" and "minute" when telling time? Would it be possible and correct, if informal, to say "Este patru și douăzeci"?


You are correct. It's actually the opposite in everyday language, we don't mention "hour".

Cât este ceasul? Patru fără douăzeci.


The audio sounds like oră, but the correct solution says ora. Which is right?


"It is twenty minutes past four o'clock" = "E douăzeci de minute după ora patru"?

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