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Duolingo Clubs: The Ukrainian Community

So, as you may have noticed, Duolingo recently released an update with a brand new feature called "Clubs". This allows users to interact with each other while they are learning the language, compete with each other and overall make the learning experience more fun and enjoyable overall. I decided, let's create a non-exclusive club for the entire Ukrainian language community! To join the club, simply enter the code: 4SMWP5

December 28, 2016



I just joined! I don't really know what the clubs will be exactly like yet, but I'm excited!


Excuse me, where should I enter the code? I don't have the feature called "clubs" in my profile. Help me, please!


The Clubs feature is currently only available for Android and iOS devices. If you have updated Duolingo on one of those platforms, there should be a tab that looks like a shield where you can enter the code. :)


Thanks for your answer! But unfortunately I am learning only from desktop. (:


:( You're not missing out on too much, it's really just another way to stay motivated and compete. Hopefully it will come to the desktop soon!


Joined! I can't wait to see what the clubs are all about. One problem, it doesn't seem to display the Cyrillic script. Is this just me?


Yeah sometimes comments don't show. Must be a glitch.


Дякую! I'm the only one of my friends learning Ukrainian so it will be nice to have a community to share progress with :)


Nice to meet you! :))


It says the club is full...

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