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  5. "He reads you the menu."

"He reads you the menu."

Translation:Il te lit le menu.

February 17, 2013



Why is "te" used instead of tu


"TU" becomes "TE" when it's the object of the sentence. Je t'aime is actually Je Te Aime.


I would have said "il vous lit le menu" is correct too because you don't know if it's singular or plural.


It is correct. I used it and it worked.


It is correct because the one reading is singular. Il is singular.


why is this wrong? Il toi lit le menu.


It would have to be Il te lit le menu. Te is used when a verb is acting on someone. Toi is used when you're referring to someone, but not by action. Such as et toi or toi aussi?


What is 'te'. My screen shows 'il te lit....it did not accept 'il vous lit le menu'. Huh?


Shouldn't it be, "Il vous lisez le menu?"


I reckon the conjugation is for the "Il" and not the "vous", thus needing lit instead of lisez.

Basically, the pronoun has nothing to do with the conjugation I believe, at least that's what I can understand so far. If I had better experience, I'd gladly explain it to you with details.

Hope this is worth any help to you.


You are correct.

The subject/verb relationship determines what person the verb is rendered in.

In this example, Il vous lit le menu, the subject is il (third person singular). Therefore the verb lire will be rendered in the third person singular (lit) as well.

The indirect object vous has no effect on the subject/verb relationship.


Why does vous go before lit?


When the pronoun is placed in front of the verb it is the indirect object.

The subject is not reading you. He/she is reading to you.

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Thank You!


When do you use lis and when lit?


Je lis/I read...............................nous lisons/we read

tu lis/you (sing.) read..........vous lisez/you (pl. or formal) read

il lit/he reads...........................Ils lisent/they read.

This is how most verbs in the re ending group are conjugated.

Go to http://www.conjugation-fr.com/ and save it in your tab bar for quick reference.


As far as I can tell you use lit for il/elle/on and lis for je/tu


Why not "Il vous lit le livre."? Wouldn't that mean "he reads you (plural) the menu"?


"il vous lit le menu" is correct which is almost what you said, I think the problem is that you said "livre" which would be "he reads you the book."


Why not il t'lit le menu?


You can't elide a word that ends in a consonant with a word that begins with a vowel. So you would say il te lit le menu instead just like you would say Tu lis and not t'lis.


Why isn't it Il lit vous le menu


When I chose "il te lit le menu" and "Il vous lit le menu" it told me that it is wrong why?


Could be the programmer forgot to put in the formal style of address as an option. Or maybe you misread one of your choices.


What about Il tu lis le menu? Why is that wrong?


There are 2 things wrong with your sentence: 1-You used "tu" which means you but as a subject, so you you should have used "te" which means you as in an object.

2-The verb should be conjugated to "Il" because it is the subject so you should have used "lit".


"Il t' lit le menu." Can be used but not correct.. exactly some people would say (phonetic) "E fi, l'gamin la, i tli l'menu" (Eh son, that boy there, he reads you the menu) .. well forget.. that's how some old farmer speak


Why not Il lil te menu


Because you can't just directly translate word for word from English to French. In French, If the object is a pronoun, It is placed before the main verb. However, If the object isn't a pronoun it would be placed after the verb(Like how you have it here) Also, I don't know if this is a typo or not, but it should be "lit" and not "lil".


Why is it " il te lit le menu " not "il lit te le menu" ??

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