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  5. "Me gustan las mujeres."

"Me gustan las mujeres."

Translation:I like women.

February 17, 2013



I put "I like the ladies" and got it right.


Can someone help me understand why it is gustan instead of gusto in this case? I thought gustan would be plural so I thought it modified mujeres and I also thought Me was accusative. Ergo, the women like me.


It's like saying "X pleases me" in English. The women are doing the pleasing, so the verb must be plural. The Spanish way of saying "I like X" is "X pleases me". This is the same in Esperanto, with "La virinoj plaĉas al mi", but there it is more obvious.


«Gustar» actually means "to be liked by"; the gloss provided here is a bit weird. You probably know the "me gusta" meme, if «gusta» meant "like", it would be "yo gusto" instead. In this case, the women are the subject and "me" is the object, thus «gustar» gets conjugated accordingly.


When you say Me gusta X (sing) or "Me gustan Y" (plural) think that X and Y are the subject of the sentence. Internally change the sentence to X me gusta or Y me gustan. Then, the verb matches the subject as expected. Finally, 'me' is an indirect pronoun meaning 'to me'. Also, the 'to me' can be translated word by word and added to the sentence with no additional meaning but for emphasizing purposes. Thus:

  • Las mujeres me gustan [a mí]
  • El coche me gusta [a mí]

Note the accent over the í. This tells apart the pronoun mí from the possessive determiner mi (my). Pronouns take preference in the accents over others particles.

The full example with all persons are:

  • El coche te gusta [a ti] (no confusion, no accent)
  • El coche le gusta [a él, a ella, a usted]
  • El coche nos gusta [a nosotros]
  • El coche os gusta [a vosotros]
  • El coche les gusta [a ellos, a ellas, a ustedes]

Hope this helps


I had a look at some of it's conjugations (see http://www.spanishdict.com/conjugate/gustan) and I think it's -an because your saying the women. This is only what I'm guessing and would like someone to explain further as well please.


So, it sounds like gustar, is a passive verb essentially. Armed with this knowledge, everything makes sense. This would sure be a pretty useful piece of information for Duolingo to bring to the learner's attention separately.


apparently you do not use Yo, Tu, Ella, Ello, Nosotros, Ellas, Ellos with this verb You use me, te, le, nos, les And the form of the verb is based on the object not the subject.


Or, it actually means "to be liked", and everything works as normal grammatical rules dictate.


I'm going to try to explain what's going on here, since this situation is confusing. First of all, the verb gustar (which gustan is a form of) doesn't exactly mean "to like," it's really "to please." In Spanish, instead of saying "I like women," you'd say "women please me." (Although it's really more like "women are pleasing to me," as I'll explain below.) So when deciding which form of gustar to use, you have to remember that "women" is the subject of this sentence, not I or me. In this case, that's why the third-person plural form of the verb is used. You would use a third-person singular form if you were saying something like "me gusta mi perro."

As for "me" instead of "yo", it's because it's an indirect object pronoun. English sentences have indirect objects, but we don't have a separate set of pronouns for them like Spanish does. The indirect object pronouns in Spanish are: me (me) te (you familiar) le (him/her/it/you formal) nos (us) os (plural you familiar) les (them/plural you formal)

The indirect object pronoun "me" means "to me" or "for me"...that's why it might be best to think of this sentence as translating to "women are pleasing to me." If you want to emphasize that YOU like women, you'd say "A mi me gusta las mujeres" which would be like "Women are pleasing to me. TO ME!" (There should be an accent on the i in mi.)

Hope this helps.


Thanks, that explains a lot. How would "Yo gusto las mujeres" translate differently then? Or is that grammatically incorrect?


I thought all of that was obvious, though. It's just practicing it that's hard. Of course it is easier for me because I have studied French, which has some similar structures (tu me manques, s'il te plait), but I thought that was obvious, too.


Thank! I gave you a lingot :)


“Like” and “gustar” have different grammar structure in English and Spanish, though they have the same use.

"To like" is a transitive verb and it is followed by a direct object: I like this car.

But "gustar" is an intrasitive verb where the English direct object is the Spanish subject, and it goes with an indirect object which is the English subject.

Remenber that the Spanish subject needs to agree in number (sing / plur) with the verb:

Me gusta este coche = I like this car.

Me gustan esos pasteles = I like those cakes.


I'm having a hard time understanding this one. Because it's referring to "the women" it's "gustan"? I'm a little confused why it isn't "gusto" for "I like".....


It's because "me guste/gustan X" literally means X pleases me. It's the way of saying "I like X" in Spanish, but means that it is the X which does the verb. So in this cases it has to be plural, since "las mujeres" is plural.


It makes sense. You just have to practice it until it seems normal. It will be as normal as saying "I like X" - you won't even think about it. And although the subject (las mujeres) follows the verb, it is still kind of in the same order as English ("women" follows the verb), just that the object has become the subject. I am not sure if you will be more confused or less by reading the sentence before this one. :P


I thought that it was gusto. Gustan is plural and must refer to women, ergo I answered The women like me. That is seriously screwed up.


Ella no me gusta means She doesn't like me (right?) So why doesn't Me gustan las mujeres mean The women like me instead of I like women? Las mujeres le gustan a mi seems wordy and unnecessary. I'm confused on this one.


No, "Ella no me gusta" means "I don't like her". Again, think of the meme.


tricky! I thought it would be yo gusto las mujeres. Even after reading the comments, I am lost on this!


so, how would you say "the women please me" if not exactly like this (which i tried out of curiosity and was marked wrong)?


Is anyone wierded dy this sentace at all? Or is it just me.


If I like women then why gustan and not gusto?


No se debe poner: i like THE women? Por qué se omite el THE? Gracias, thank you

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