Anyone have suggestions to my methods of learning french? (Beginner)

So I've had this account for quite a while. Only started truly using it now. I can understand simple sentences written and say simple phrases (I really have trouble pronouncing r's for some reason.)

I have all sorts of information to use and to educate myself. I am learning off of duolingo (of course). I also have the app memrise and learning vocabulary through lingvist. To learn grammar and sentence structure I bought "Easy French step-by-step". So far I have mixed some of the book into my education. On top of all of that I have a French audio course. I'm hoping that will improve my oral exercises.

The applications take up the most learning time for me and I do two out of three every day. I mix in my grammar book every other day and try the audio every third day. Right now I have no idea if I have too many balls on the court or what. Or should I have more?

All I know is I am really motivated to learn and I catch on to things quickly.So I keep adding on to how much I want to do. I'm even looking for French Canadian shows aimed at younger kids.(My target area for French pronunciation.) It may be too early in my education to do that but it's entertaining to me. I watched an episode of Téléfrançais. It was so bizarre but I liked it. I understood what they meant and they repeat things over. It also motivated me.

Is there anyone who could recommend anything or have any advice? How do you learn and what materials did you use?

December 28, 2016


If you're into reading books for fun, try reading something that you already know, translated into French. Harry Potter is my personal favorite, and I know it very well. I started reading the first book in French after I had a very basic grasp of the language. When I started reading, I was looking up every other word in my dictionary. Halfway through the first book, I knew enough words to get by without the dictionary. By the time I finished the 7th book, I had absolutely no problems reading French.

So, even if you start out not knowing much, you'll be able to get by. You'll pick up so much more by reading something you want to read than by studying rules.

December 29, 2016


Pourquoi n'écris-tu pas en Français ?

Sinon, je crois qu'il vaut mieux faire un peu tous les jours longtemps que beaucoup pas longtemps. Peut-être fais-tu trop de choses ?

Mais je te conseille lang-8. C'est un site où tu peux écrire en Français et où les gens te corrigent...

Personnellement, je regarde beaucoup de séries, de films en Anglais (I'm learning english), j'écoute aussi la BBC... Même si je ne comprend pas tout.

Voici un lien sur une conférence TEDx :

Malheureusement c'est en anglais ;-)

Bon courage

December 28, 2016


Merci, j'essaie pratiquer mon niveau de ecouter et parler reçentment, et juste trouve beaucoup de Ted Talks vidéos en français avec sous-titres français. Je ne pense pas le regarder avant, si trés exciteé lol. Lang 8 semble cool aussi, je le essaie definitment.

Je suis trés désolée si ma française est mauvaise, je le appendre encore :P

Bonne chance avec votre étudies!

As for the OP, hello to you as well haha!

For learning the "r" sound, I'm gonna explain this kind of funny, bear with me. So curling your tongue and putting it to the roof of your mouth are usually the basic tips, right, but I don't find that helpful. What I usually focus on is opening your throat enough and letting the sound sort of roll out and up your tongue in an "ahh" or "ehhhr" sound as opposed to trying to make an actual "r" sound... also pretty sure I practised in an overly dramatic Smeagol voice until I got the trilling feeling down... something I learned from a youtube video I think, it actually works though! It's much more a movement and practising trilling/purring will make it easier to form the "r" sound for sure. Then it's just practising to make it come out more naturally while speaking normally.

For the rest of your post: Personally I find watching movies and videos in french with french subtitles helpful and not too boring. Listening to music as well. Songs translated from favourite movies like disney songs are especially helpful because they're familiar enough that you catch on more easily and remember it better, if that makes sense? So when you learn the french lyrics and translation that sticks with you more easily, and as a bonus you can also practice pronunciation and listening by singing and listening to it. That works for me anyways.

For listening to non-Disney french music though, i'd search around for recommendations specifically to your tastes, because it really is a fun and good way to learn. I personally like Stromae and Coeur de Pirate.

Watching french youtube videos is another way I learn, watching gaming channels in french especially, but there are tonnes out there for whatever your interests are so you actually practice lol. That's all I can really think of other than finding someone to practice with/against. Motivation and competition are always good inspiration, i've yet to do it but it seems a very good way to learn.

Bonne chance :)

December 29, 2016

For the r sound try hhh. i take french at school. Try some basic stuff like hi bye then make your own sentences out of those words and study the same thing till you get it

December 28, 2016
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