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Hi, I have been doing the German lessons for a week or two now, and I have unlocked them down to the first keyhole (but I have not mastered any except basic 1). I have a question, why does "boy" or "boyfriend" not appear anywhere? I've done "girl", "woman", "man" and "girlfriend" a million times (it feels like) but so far the only mention of "boy" is in Plurals with "Boys" and I thought I might have just forgotten, but I don't seem to have it in my vocab either (Jungs is there, for "boys" but not "boy". So I guess I am just curious why its not one we've had since the beginning, or where it might appear if its in there somewhere....

February 17, 2013



I checked in the vocabulary section. I have "Jungs" in "Dative Case" and "Plurals" lessons, and Junge in "People" lesson. If you go down the tree, People is a bit down in the tree, after the second keyhole. Anyway, I would like to say that you can also say "Jungen" and not only "Jungs" for the plural. Furthermore, those two words are not under the same voice, as usually are singular, plural and words with different versions for different cases. (Sorry for the mess, I am not able to go to the next line.) I'd like to add a thing... Junge means only Boy, as far as I know, to say boyfriend you say "Freund".


You're right. Der Junge = boy, boyfriend = Freund. But I would always discourage the use of 'Jungs' as plural of boy. It's rather colloquial and more like the english 'lads' or 'guys' in that manner, 'the boys and me, we're heading for the bar', that might be Jungs. boys, as in male children, should be Jungen.


Good point. Ideally, "girl" and "boy" should be introduced at a similar point in the tree. We will work on that.

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