Unable to upload document for Immersion

Is anyone else having trouble uploading a new document for Immersion, or is it just me? The message I get is:

This web address is invalid or the page could not be loaded.

I know that the web address is valid - I brought it up in 2 different browsers. I also tried to upload it from 2 different browsers.

In any case, Happy New Year & Feliz Año Nuevo!

Hace 2 años

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yes, it happened to me today. I don't know if I am able to upload another document (from wikipedia for example).

Hace 2 años

I just tried again with an article from a site I have submitted from many times, & it still won't take it. I thought people might enjoy the story. Here it is if you or anyone else would like to read/translate it:

Hace 2 años
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