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"Ο θείος μου μου έδωσε το κράνος του."

Translation:My uncle gave me his helmet.

December 29, 2016



Probably the uncle who did not find his bike a few lessons back. :)


That's fine unless he piggyback rides on the motorbike and tempts the Three Fates.


does the 2nd "μου" need a tonus like "μού" in this case?


No, it does not -- it can't be confused with the possessive μου because if there are two, the first one has to be possessive and the second one has to be "dative" (indirect object), so there's no need to disambiguate with an accent.


A previous answer said the opposite, that I missed an accent on the second 'μου' . Ιf it happens again I'll try to send a screenshot.


It happened again: but since Mozilla changed the Firefox screenshot option I don't know how to send you the screenshot. I have it as a .png and a .doc, but I can't transfer either to this page. Any ideas?


I don't know how to send you the screenshot

You will have to upload the image to a website somewhere, then insert the URL into a comment here.

If you have no website of your own, a search for "image sharing website" should find something usable.


Thanks, Mizinamo - here 'tis: www.waltpatterson.org/Duo191005-1.doc. Do let me know if this works.


Thanks for the screenshot! I was able to access it now.

Note that it does not say "you missed an accent" (i.e. "you're wrong") but gives the other option as "another correct answer" (i.e. "you're right").

However, I think that "other correct answer" is not actually correct, and I've removed the version with the μου μού in it.


"My uncle send me his helmet." should also be accepted.

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