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  5. "The scientist responsible."

"The scientist responsible."

Translation:Ο υπεύθυνος επιστήμονας.

December 29, 2016



it was my understanding that word order often doesn't make a difference in Greek. Does it in this case? What is the distinction?

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Yes, syntax is a lot more flexible in Greek than it is in English. It's quite common for sentences not to follow a SVO ordering, or for the 'possessor' in the genitive part of the sentence to come first, eg:

The children of the wise men = τα παιδιά των φρονίμων = των φρονίμων τα παιδιά

But you won't really see any of that in this course just yet - although there are plans for the next iteration of the tree to play around with the ordering of sentences a lot more.

As for this specific sentence, I'd personally read it as 'the responsible scientist'. But it's a bit hard to tell with just this fragment.


It tells me to translate: The scientist responsible For me that makes no sense in English?


Think of it as a sentence fragment, not a complete sentence. "The scientist responsible for studying...."

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