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"Anh ấy mặc cái áo lạnh của ấy."

Translation:He wears her sweater.

December 29, 2016



I wonder why there is no comments. For me even seeing the sentence it was not possible to understand the speaker. It almost makes me want to just give up on Vietnamese. Why?


Try to break it down into chunks that you understand, and then try to make sense of it that way. It's tough. It has some quirks that the English language does not have. Fight through it!


The speaker was speaking very fast indeed! Don't give up!!

[deactivated user]

    I think it's better if the meaning of sweater should be 'áo len, áo ấm' rather than 'áo lạnh'.


    Duolingo isn't doing their diligence for viet so far, it seems :( obviously the acceptable English sentence is not natural without additional info, but in vietnamese the progressive can be implied with a verb like wearing. Plus it is very strict with clothing translation, which is a problem as these things tend to not line up so well across languages.


    ?Why in this sentence we use both "cái áo" not just "áo".

    Cái it's a thing. And áo it's a clothes. But why we must use both clasifier?


    Sometimes people from Vietnam North and Vietnam south, when speaking together, have to ask for repetitions of speech too. Hang in there. It will be worth it.


    i can speak and understand vietnamese phrases but can barely read it. I thought the word "ao lanh" is like any type of jacket, coats or sweater.


    Why is 'cai' required here? We arent referring to the number of things


    Is there any difference between mac and mang?


    Giá trị khác biệt giữa hai nước và con người thân của mình trong một xứ sở


    Phải chăng đây là một cái ô tô trong những phần quà giá trị khác nhau trong những phần mềm quản lý bán vé tàu cá sấu ăn tôi muốn trái đất và một số nhiệm vụ công tác

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