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Why the heck am I learning Norwegian?! :)

Hey all! For some reason I am super drawn to Norwegian even though I live in southern California, have relatives in Germany, and love Brazilian music... I feel more motivated to learn Norwegian more than any other language before so if you feel so inclined, follow me so I can have fellow Norwegian learners learning with me and holding me accountable. Tusen takk!

December 29, 2016



Honestly, you don't need a reason why, other than that you like it! I'm learning Portuguese but have no ties to any country where it is spoken, yet i feel so drawn to it. If you like it, learn it. From my experience, it's an easy language and will help you learn other languages later on. I'm learning it's sister language, Swedish, and in almost two years, I'm more advanced than any language I've ever studied. Lycka till!


I'm learning Swedish as well, and also have no idea why I'm so keen on learning Swedish of all languages. It's just something that seems to click and I find the energy to actually learn.


I feel the same way... I'll keep learning Norwegian even though I don't have any good excuse to do it. For some reason I really click with this language ^_^


I am studying Greek, and I like it, without knowing why.


I feel the same! I'm italian and I absolutely have no idea why I want to learn Norwegian. I've never been keen on learning new languages apart from english but by the start of this course I was already really excited. I can't wait to learn more!


Welcome to the club! I feel the same; I have no real personal ties to Norway but I feel very drawn to the language and the culture. Also Skam is grand and Noora is indeed the best character. Good luck with your learning!


I share your same enjoyment in learning, learning Norwegian is easy from me. Since i love the language so much, I don't have to summon up energy to do it. I love learning all languages but it's much less of a chore for norwegian.


I feel the same! I decided to learn Norwegian because I think it's a very beautiful language and I like Norway but I don't know why I like it so much and why I am so motivated to learn it. :) Btw: Skam is really cool ;)


I started learning Norwegian because of a-ha.


Idk what that is. Hmmm.


a-ha is an 80s band from Norway. Their most famous song is "Take On Me."

They are one of my favorite bands and they have interviews on YouTube that are in Norwegian. I wanted to know what they were saying, so I decided to learn Norwegian.

Edit: I also like Bjørn Eidsvåg and Solveig Leithaug.


I started learning because of KEiiNO (although I remember a-ha from the 80s) :D


I'm from north america too and I have no hecking idea why I'm learning norwegian but here I am!


The bigger question is why the heck not!! :-)


I think that's awesome! Some languages just feel more comfortable, or more intriguing, or make more sense to certain people, and I think it's wise to take advantage of that. Plus, from what I've seen so far, the Norwegian course looks very well organized. Good luck!


+1 - I agree with everything you wrote.


The Norwegian course is very amazing compared to others.


I'm in Southern California as well and felt so silly for wanting to learn Norwegian.. but I'm loving it!


(Skam may have been a factor...)


I hate that I am just starting to learn Norwegian. The most recent comments are like 3 years old on every discussion board...I feel like I missed the party.


No, the party is still going on and is better than ever! There's so much to enjoy in the Norwegian course :D


Well, I'm happy to be here! I'm still new to Norwegian, but I'm loving it so far. I'm glad to hear there are still active people learning this with me!


That's the same thing I've been thinking


I am currently learning Norwegian because is the closest language to Icelandic, It's a terrible reason, but since there isn't much sources for Icelandic learners available out there, I will stick to Norwegian so I can get familiarized with the Germanic system of putting suffixes on words instead of using new words. But since you do feel motivated to learn it, that's enough reason to do it! motivation is the key to learn any language.


Same reason as me, how odd. Seems like you've given up on it though since then ;/

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I'm from America, but live in Norway, above the arctic circle. Almost everyone I know here speaks English. Almost. Learning the language of the country you're in only makes sense, so, here I am. Long time polyglot though, so language learning isn't new to me. Oh, and I'd never heard of Skam until this thread.


It's a really good show. I'm totally hooked!


I'm really curious - do you find that Duolingo is helping you with practical, everyday norsk?


I've only been learning for about a month and haven't really spoken the language with anyone. I'm about to schedule a lesson on iTalki for sometime next week, so I'll let you know!


Have you watched SKAM?


haha, that would be a reason indeed :D


Skam is the only reason i learn Norwegian


can anyone suggest where to watch skam with english subs? would appreciate it a lot as it seems like its really good and I can listen to some Norwegian. Tusen takk :)


I have a few links if you want them although sometimes they don't work and they work better on a computer


I am on computer!!! I've not started it, so season 1 would be greatly appreciated. Tusen takk :)


Mange Takk!!!! Jeg har lyst til å se denne. (I Hope I've said that right.)


Thank you so much!


also which season would you like?


My reason is the Norwegian show Skam! I also have always had a thing for learning languages but I had never thought of learning Norwegian until I watched the show and realized how pretty it is!


Started watching today. Totally hooked!


That show is so good!! Although I live in Belgium, I've Always loved scandinavian countries. but since i started watching Skam, Norway is my number 1. it's also the reason I downloaded this app, just to learn norwegian... Who is your favourite character? ;-)


I can't decide a favorite between Sana, Isak, and Jonas. I love them all! It's such a far-reaching show, I love seeing how many people from all over the world are watching!


Hands down Noora.


Belgium! I'm from Belgium too! :D Flemish or French part?


Flemish part, I'm from Bruges :)


I'm learning Norwegian because of skam. What can I say.


Though I watched SKAM from last year, but I just started learning norsk right now ; ) I hope I can a group to learn together and practice as well. why duolinguo doesn't have sth. like chat room online.


For the same reason I climb mountains. D


Because it's there, am I right? :D


I’m not sure about that other than I feel at peace with the world when I do. I guess it’s what astronauts feel when they look back at the earth. For a brief moment all seems right. No matter what I see or experience when I come down will erase that brief moment. Also, many of the mountains I climb are not physical. D


Hey! :-) Totally understand you. I'm fond of Norwegian as well and I find it fun to learn, speak and listen to. Apart from the country itself, its interesting geography and general positive vibe, I somehow seem to grasp the concept of the language. It's straightforward and well-structured, something my native language of German can't exactly take pride in :D I see you're also taking the German course, viel Erfolg damit!


Oh don't say that. Just because we have so many irregular verbs and a lot of exceptions, that doesn't mean German is not structured. Actually it is extremely structured, just a little complicated ;-). I believe modern Norwegian to be a lot younger than modern German and even English though and that the younger a language is the more structure it has. (That's just my impression though, I haven't done any linguistic research on this (yet). So please correct me if I am wrong.


I can't even remember why I started to learn Norwegian or when. Perhaps I started learning so that I could read norwegian knitting patterns? I think it's been about 18 months. I'm addicted to the language now, and have kept it up a bit every day. The duolingo course is awesome (and full of humour). that keeps me motivated.


Hahaha I know right


Well I'm learning Norwegian because my favourite singer is from there


My reason exactly, might even be the same singer


Roy Khan by any chance?


I am German an I am learning Norwegian because I spend 6 month on a Norwegian farm after I finished high school and fell in love with the country. And like many others here I seamed to have just clicked with this language (maybe because it is so closely related to German, I don't know). I also tried to learn Italian but gave up very soon.


Although the post is very old (I don't know whether you completed the course or still learning!) the title of the post just spoke to my heart. I love languages and find most of them quite ineteresting. I wanted to learn a new one that does not derive from latin since I already speak three of them (love them all!) but did not want to try and learn one that I would find very demanding given that I wouldn't have a tutor. So I turned to Scandinavia, always had an interest in these languages too, and even if my initial thought was to learn Swedish.. I don't know why, all of a sudden I decided that I wanted to learn Norwegian. Sometimes I find the syntax so extremely hard that I think to myself "why I am doing this now?" but then I carry on. It's been more than year (took a break and lost my streak of course) and I am not even halfway there but it's ok. Learning a language is a process. I wish there was more material on line, like a proper grammar book and on line exercises, or even more series to watch but unfortunately not a lot can be found. Ha det!


i wanted to finish a language on duolingo but i didnt know which one so i just used a random number generator


You got lucky then. Norsk is the best! :)

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