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  5. "The girls and the boys read."

"The girls and the boys read."

Translation:Τα κορίτσια και τα αγόρια διαβάζουν.

December 29, 2016



Why is it "διαβαζουν" and not "διαβαζουωε"? Shouldn't the fact it is boys and girls make it plural?


διαβάζουν, διαβάζουνε are both possible forms for the third person plural.


Why "τα αγορια"? I would like to write "οι αγοριες".


The word 'αγόρια" is neuter and takes τα

Please use these instructions:

TIPS TO MAKE LEARNING EASIER + HOW TO REPORT A PROBLEM https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/22424028 https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/936 If you have any questions just ask.


When I type in the Greek word for read it marks me wrong. It looks like it actually wants the work study instead. How do I know which word to use?


What was the entire sentence that you wrote?

Remember that there is no (one single) "Greek word for read" -- verbs have to have the appropriate ending depending on the subject.

For example, Τα κορίτσια και τα αγόρια διαβάζω/διαβάζει would be wrong; the verb form for a third-person plural subject has to be διαβάζουν.


it keeps saying there is a typo even when the word girl is correct. Also the app will randomly exit out in the middle of a lesson and its extremely frustrating


If I cant move the letters to just allow the normal space it marks me wrong, but the line wont move!

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Hmm, this looks like a question for the troubleshooting forum. Please take a screenshot and post it there if you have this problem again.
Welcome to the Greek course!


I dont have greek key board


You don't need one. You just need to download the Microsoft IME through your settings in Windows. Google it. Hell, I think they even give good advice/links in the tips section, so read that.


I don't want to learn to type in Greek. Writing in longhand helps me remember things, and helps me learn to recognize the letters, but typing is a lot of work for no benefit. They claim I can skip a question, but when I do, it comes back and asks the same question, again and again.

Any suggestions? And please don't give info on how to get the alphabet app, etc, etc. The problem isn't that I can't, it's that I don't see any benefit, I'm doing this for fun, and I ought to be able to choose to skip something if I don't want to do it.


Yes, of course, your wishes are respected there is only one problem. The programs on Duolingo all require you to do some writing and since we can't do that by hand on the internet only typing is possible. The programs on have fixed agendas.


But it claims I can skip the question, and then won't let me skip. Is there any way to skip a question I don't want to do?

And typing with a different alphabet is a whole different thing. I just don't feel like there's any real benefit to it, for me at least. Isn't there some way to get out of it?


You can skip it for the time being. At some time you will have to complete that part of the exercise. As I said we respect your beliefs only we don't have any other methods available on Duolingo at this time.


But it won't let me skip at all, even for the time being. Is there something different I need to do?


τα κορίτσια και το αγορια διαβάζουν!

how did I get this wrong!?!?!?!?!


The second part is wrong for the boys should have been ta not to

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