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"This new disease is quite dangerous."

Translation:Αυτή η πρόσφατη ασθένεια είναι αρκετά επικίνδυνη.

December 29, 2016



I thought that πρόσφατη means "recent, latest" instead of "new" which I learned is "νέα". Could a moderator comment on this?? There is a difference between "recent" and "new", as far as I know. Why didn't Duo use "νέα" in this sentence??


Αυτή η πρόσφατη ασθένεια είναι αρκετά επικίνδυνη. Αυτή η καινούρια ασθένεια είναι ειδικά επικίνδυνη. what is the difference betwen theese sentences? why is the second wrong?


I would translate ειδικά as "especially" or "particularly", not just "quite, rather, fairly".

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