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"The child drinks juice and he does not drink coffee."

Translation:Copilul bea suc și el nu bea cafea.

December 29, 2016



A second solution was given as, "Copilul bea suc și nu bea cafea." What indicates 'he' in the second solution?


Nothing in particular really. The verb bea is still valid for the masculine singular noun copilul, but just like in English, you could omit the second he and we would know you're still talking about the child.


I love that it works just like in Spanish and Portuguese (unsure about French's case). It just proves how much Latin influence English has.


Thanks! Thats what i thought too!


While I am grateful for DuoLingo, It seems it would be a good idea to stick with the full translation "he' included until we get a hang of that, and then let me know you are going to introduce it a different way. I get that they both have the same meaning (I saw it, and it was logical), and yet I'm usually stuck, like a grand prize guesser, wondering which one they want now ... frustrating.


I keep getting told to pay attention to the accents with şi but I'm spelling it correctly. Is it just reminding me or saying that it's wrong?

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