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  5. "Noi ne iubeam până oboseam!"

"Noi ne iubeam până oboseam!"

Translation:We used to make love until we got tired!

December 29, 2016



and the award for best duolingo sentence goes to...


Does "making love" mean the same thing here as in English? If so is that the main meaning of the reflexive form of to love? I imagine this could lead so some pretty hilarious misunderstandings.


A more straightforward (and literal) translation of "to make love" is "a face dragoste".


It's very contextual. Like here it has the exact meaning as in English because of the until we got tired clue. But you are safe to say something like ne iubim ca frații to mean we love each other like brothers.


We used to love each other doesn't work?

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