"Ei plângeau degeaba!"

Translation:They were crying for nothing!

December 29, 2016

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"In vain" and "for nothing" mean two separate things in English.

Crying in vain- the reason for crying may or may not be justified, but crying will not improve the situation.

Crying for nothing- the person has no reason to cry.

It's my understanding that „degeaba" means "in vain". To express "for nothing" I would think „pentru puțin" ori „fără motiv" would be better translations.


I think "for nothing" can carry either meaning.


Agree. Degeaba is in vain. While I can imagine situations in which a foreigner might say "for nothing" in English and mean "in vain" and I would understand what he was trying to say, I can't imagine a situation where a native speaker would say "for nothing" to mean "in vain". In vain, fruitlessly, bootless, to no end. For nothing could also imply gratis, free of charge. "That guy's gonna fix my car for nothing!"


Crying for nothing reminds me of when my kids were toddlers. ;-)

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