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Level 20 Club

Chào mỗi người

I'm inordinately proud of my level 20 Vietnamese badge and it would be cool if all the level 20 users band together to brag and congratulate each other on our commitment to Vietnamese.

That and I'm curious to see what we can do with this Clubs feature.

Joining code is M 6 3 5 E X. If you're not level 20 you can't be in the club ;)

December 29, 2016



My lvl is over 9000!


Chào mọi người not chào mỗi người


Hi! Could you please explain to me the difference between mọi and mỗi?


"every" (everyone/every day, ... etc) means "mỗi" or "mọi" in Vietnamese, but when you want to translate a sentence from English into Vietnamese, it depends on each case, you will translate "every" into "mỗi" or "mọi".

"mỗi" also means "each" in English, when you say "chào mỗi người", that means you say hello to each person in a whole group. Meanwhile, when you say "chào mọi người", that means you say hello to all of the people in a whole group you meet.


Good response, thanks!


Also, love this slice of humble pie. Original post is here to brag and the only Vietnamese sentence in the post has an error! That's what you miss when you exclude people--people that would otherwise be able to help you learn.


In this case in Vietnamese don't use the word "mỗi", we must use the word "mọi". I also don't know why that...


Congratulation ! :)))


So...I can't join in your club.

1) I use the computer

2) My Vietnamese skill isn't level 20...

(và hình như ông này nói là ổng mời vào câu lạc bộ chứ có phải ổng khoe mình được cấp 20 đâu mà sao congrats dữ vậy nè, dễ hiểu hơn là ổng lập một câu lạc bộ cho thành viên lv 20 đấy)


My english level is 25 but my vietnamse level isn't 20. I am sorry because i can't join your club...

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