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"Meu casaco é grande demais para ela."

Translation:My coat is too big for her.

February 25, 2014



Just curious, can the word order of 'demais' be changed? In Spanish it would be 'Mi casco es demasiado grande para ella' but Portuguese seems to place it after the adjective. Thanks!


No. Demais is used after nouns, verbs and adjectives.


Too big is also "muito grande", but you emphasize muito. Tão grande is also "as/so big".


Can you give me an example in English with "too big" where it'd be translated as "muito grande"? I can give you one where "so big" is "tão grande": O Everest é tão grande que o alpinista levou algumas semanas para chegar ao topo. But it is true that "tão grande" is also "as big": Your building is as big as mine.


We have many examples! Esta colher é muito grande = this spoon is too big. Minha casa é muito grande = my house is too big. Surely muito here also means very, but with the correct intonation it also means "too".


Uhm... I'm not sure... I guess we are walking the thin line of interpretation. In all these cases, if you stretch the "u": muuuuuuito grande (I'm guessing that is the intonation you are talking about), I'd translate it as "reeeeaaaally big". "Too big" I'd really translate as "grande demais". But as I said, we are in the subtle realm of interpretation and yours is probably as good as (or better than) mine. Thanks for the examples.


tão grande = so big grande demais = too big


It is correct to use the expression way too big or far too big in amefican english as atranslation for grande demais too big would translate muito grande


"muito grande" is more like "very big", but depending on the context it can be translated as "too big". Compare: Meu pai é muito grande (my dad is very big - too big doesn't make much sense). Essa calça é muito grande para você (these pants are too big for you - grande demais works too). There is no exact translation.


"Too" can mean "also", so are we really saying "demais" can mean "also"?


Much to big is at least as common in english

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