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REQ: repeat mode for easy to forget questions

Have you notice sometimes even though you know you are going to answer correctly a specific question, you also know you will forget very soon? Sometimes I just finish a lesson, I stand and I already forgot...that very specific word and I knew it was going to happen.

In those cases I even feel like I want to answer wrong so duo will repeat the same question in the future.

Instead of doing this, why not offering this as a feature? any of the following options could be an improvement:

  • offer the user to favourite a question so you can manually revisit it in a "special" lesson containing all your favourite questions
  • mark a question as a flaky one...which would mean something like, I want this Q to be asked more often in the future...say, at least 10 more times in upcoming lessons to force myself to practice it more.
December 29, 2016

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That's a great idea! If one can choose the words you want to review instead of set lists of words, that would be fantastic.

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