"L-au prins pe Andrei fugind!"

Translation:They caught Andrew running!

December 29, 2016

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Could "fugind" apply to either the subject or Andrei?

And if not, how do we know which to apply it to?


Fascinating sentence, full of ambiguity in English. As somebody has already said, who was running, Andrei or the people catching him? If it was Andrei they caught, it suggests that they caught Andrei running when he should not have been ie he had a note from his doctor ordering him not to run. However, I really suspect that the meaning of this sentence is they caught him "running away", probably disappearing with Maria again! Can a Romanian native speaker clarify please?


I think ”fugind” could also be translated as ”running away” - couldn't it? So far this translation has not been accepted.


In this context where he had to be caught, yes.


In that case, "fleeing" should be accepted, which it is not. Reported.


I thought that alergând meant running as taught in the previous lesson and therefore thought that fleeing/running away would have been given as alternative translations of fugind but when I clicked on it, running was the only option!

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