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"Mângâind o pisică, m-am simțit mai bine!"

Translation:Caressing a cat, I felt better!

December 29, 2016



We never speak of caressing a cat. The word in English is petting.


why not stroking a cat? Caressing sort of has sexual overtones.


-------- as mascha says, the word in english is petting . one pets animals. one pats kids on the head and one caresses women . yeah, yeah, girlfriends can caress their boyfriends and, of course, mothers caress their kids . and, petting between boyfriends and girlfriends is called petting . . .

Big 24 apr 19


The word in the British English that I grew up with and have spoken ever since is 'stroking'. Yes, 'petting' is an alternative - and may be used more frequently in other parts of the world, perhaps including both the US and other parts of the UK. I don't know. But I do know that to say that 'petting' is 'the word in English' as if there is no other is just plain wrong. Even within the UK, English has many different dialects, meaning that the way some words are used and/or understood in one is not the same as the way they are used and/or understood in another. Further, one of the beauties/frustrations of English as a whole is that it has such a wide range of words meaning similar things. Sometimes one can be used in place of another. Sometimes not. Which is how the creator of this particular question came to make the mistake in the first place. It takes many, many years for a non-native speaker to pick up such subtleties.


Whoever writes this lesson knows very little English. Most of the sentences make little sense.


-------- that's what the report button is for, rick. get TO it ! . . .

Big 3 jul 19

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