"Probabil începem de mâine."

Translation:We probably start tomorrow.

December 29, 2016

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Could I leave "de" out?


It depends.

I think we use de mâine when it's a recurrent thing that has not yet began or had a break, like school or a TV series. And we only use mâine when it's something happeing tomorrow or just tomorrow, like a concert, or fixing the door.

So we would say:

  • Începem școala (de) mâine.
  • Începem să reparăm ușa mâine.
  • Începe telenovela (de) mâine.
  • Începe concertul mâine.

Also, note that in a way, school starts everyday. So before each school day, I can say școala începe mâine but only before the first day of school I can say școala începe de mâine.


So why not "we probably start from tomorrow"?


Probabil începem mâine And when I have to translate Probabil începem mâine? Where is now "de" Duolingo?


Why not translate it to "We will probably start tomorrow"?

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