"Covorul din hol este murdar."

Translation:The carpet from the hallway is dirty.

December 29, 2016

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We are not here to learn english. Especially not incorrect english. It is not "from"


It should be the <<the hallway carpet is dirty>>. The way you have it the Romanian way of order of words.


For the record that sentence now works. I don't know if 5 years ago you were saying that translation did not work.


The words "from the hallway" tell me it has been removed. Is that what the Romanian is trying to say? If not it should be "the hallway carpet" or "the carpet in the hallway."


"din hol" can have two meanings, literally from the hallway, or as is more likely here, "that is in the hallway"

Covorul din hol este murdar
- "The carpet (that is) in the hallway is dirty"

This is not the only sentence where they've used "from" where "in" seems more likely.


I think correct way to use "from" might be, "The carpet from the hallway to the kitchen is dirty."

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