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Introducing Duolingo Clubs!

Hi everyone, I’m excited to introduce Duolingo Clubs!

Clubs connect your friends and family to help you accomplish language goals together. It's like having gym buddies, but for your brain!

We know that language learning is inherently social. Up to this point, you’ve been able to follow fellow learners and see their progress on a leaderboard. But is there an even better way to connect online and stay motivated? We think so, and we’ve created Clubs to do just that.

Starting today, you and up to 15 others can join a Club. You can help (and compete with) one another as you track team progress, cheer each other on with custom emoji and phrases, and compete for leaderboard positions – all while learning!

Duolingo Clubs are integrated with the latest versions of the Duolingo iOS app and Duolingo Android app for Duolingo’s major language courses. We know that you will have ideas and suggestions to make Clubs even better and we will be perfecting the experience over the coming weeks. We hope to add Clubs to Duolingo on the web too!

So join a Club today and team up to learn a language with your friends in 2017. And of course, let us know what you think!

December 29, 2016



So... it isn't available on the website version? That's pretty stupid.


Duolingo can't always release all features on all platforms immediately. It takes time.


It's been a year ago since this post though:-)


It's been a month since that reply as well


It's been a week since that reply as well =D


Aaand, It's Jan 1st of /2019/ and STILL no clubs on web? I'm getting a bit annoyed!


It's been 8 hours since that reply as well. XD


It's been another 2 weeks.


UM Guess it's not happening on the website?!?!?!


it has been another 2 weeks after this also


And another 2 weeks


It's been another month since that reply, which gets us to 5 months since that first post...


It's been another month


Nope doesn't look like it will be added to the website


And they discontinued Clubs!


...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another 5 months goes by!

[deactivated user]


    7 months since this post!!


    no offense, but it has been a while!


    And another month passed.


    And another 2 months


    and another 2 weeks


    And another 2 months...


    And now another 2 months... :-)


    i guess maybe....


    you're gonna be the one that saves me...

    [deactivated user]

      and after aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll.....


      whispers you're my wonderwall


      I agree. Duolingo please introduce Groups for the actual website.

      [deactivated user]

        Agree, I do!


        yeah it is stupid,i agree


        Since they're removing clubs now I don't think it will ever go on the actual website...


        I don't understand why.


        its not available anymore so trash duolingo is usless but better than my german teacher


        I just joined a club and am eager to see how it goes. One observation right off the bat, and in agreement with Alwayshappy18 it would be nice to type my own comments instead of being limited to canned choices.


        I just made a new french club for those who can maintain their streak. This club will be highly competitive, so if you are up for the challenge you can join at "HF69F4". No requirements for entering BTW


        As in the previous message, internet is born on computers, so why clubs aren't on these?

        DuoLingo developers are working on computers, so does it mean they don't use clubs themselves?


        How do you join a club on a laptop. argggghhhhh


        Let us post our own comments!

        Having just a few pre-selected options makes it impossible for group members to actually help each other in app.


        There definitely needs to be an easier way to invite people. Once I'd started a club, I assumed I'd just be able to search for my friend's username and invite them via the app. Having to send them an email with the details and a 6-integer code, then have them open the app, search for clubs and enter the code is too labour-intensive for these "click" days. Also, there appears to be no way for us to "play against" each other. I assumed we would be able to select a section (ie "Countries") and then both go through the questions, being told of each other's "scores" at the end.

        • Apparently, the clubs are hosted on a server other than Duolingo.com. Can someone verify this?
        • There's no refresh feature for the main channel.
        • The club doesn't get removed if the admin is the only member and leaves.
        • I'd also like to emphasize that we should be able to comment not only "react", with emoji!
        • This private competition is a good idea, thank you! And people, since the member count is limited, I think sharing the code and waiting for someone to join isn't the best idea, because you don't know if the future members are active or not.(Their profile page shows you the XP, not the XP earned daily, and on which language) It'd be somewhat like the site's leaderboard that way.


        I think it is a really cool idea and very motivational, but I think it it definitely needs to have an easier way to invite your friends, and I was a little surprised that there weren't more options for commenting but I realize that it isn't for visiting with each other but for congratulating and encouraging your fellow club members. I do have to say the emoji selection is pretty lame. But over all I'm pretty impressed with the idea, thankyou Duolingo!



        Thanks for this enterprise

        I wonder Is there a club which would have me in.?




        If you'd like to join my French Club, the code is C9RWXK!


        I'll join, needs some company


        Master! let me to enter into your club! I'm sure that you'll teach me a lot.


        I noticed you had a brain injury. Would you like to form a club with me? I'm a native English speaker and have had 2 brain surgeries for 2 brain tumors.


        I think a nice feature would be the ability to browse clubs within the club feature on the app. I went in there and noticed that I could only start a club, or that I had to already have a friend's club code. It would be nice to be able to browse through and apply to a club that looks interesting and is accepting members. There could even be an option in club creation that allows you to tick private or public, in case you didn't want your club listed.


        I agree. I don't have any friends who use Duolingo so I really can't do much as far as clubs go just yet and I'd really love to use this feature :\


        Spanish club! P86FWD Excited to add some friendly competition to the mix :)


        Hi there, can you please add me to the club?


        My german club code is UQ28NF


        6TPC5Q German Club code! 11 slots left


        How do you enter a particular club for which you have a code? I can't find that anywhere!.. :( (I use the Android OS)


        You don't need to have real life friends to be present on Duolingo, just follow people you see active, I know only 2 people on my Duolingo friend list, rest all are just people I have never met but decided to follow on Duolingo anyways.


        59ZCHV. u can join my clan if you are learning español


        You can't send personal messages on the app either.


        Hope they do it soon. Else I'd say this feature is not so useful for me, personally I don't know anyone who is using Duolingo.


        Yes exactly! And then also it would be nice to be able to see your friend list and send them invites to your club.


        I agree! For now that option useless for me. First i was glad when i saw the option but when i started option I was dissapointing . There was not any club for me.


        I actually wrote them a letter from my iphone suggesting the ability to make clubs private and then within private clubs, be able to type whatever we wanted to each other and still have speech bubbles too. But then in public clubs, they can keep the limited speech bubbles.

        I do have a friend who I am in a club with. I LOVE your name! I love Tigger and Doctor Who. lol


        What date and what time (and time zone) does the weekly clubs leaderboard reset?

        • 758

        00:00 Monday Morning UTC.


        I have the same question. Mine reset at around 7PM on a Sunday.


        Mine reset this morning


        ...and I'm still waiting for the web version of the ''Duolingo Bots''.


        LOL true. And Android.


        If it makes you feel any better I have bots and hate them. It will only let you respond with a very tight list of acceptable responses which I find incredibly frustrating so after trying a few times I gave up.


        FYI, Bots have a limited response but are still fun and people should decide for themself.


        What is the "bots" feature you are talking about?



        Please refer to this link to know about Duolingo Bots.


        From a programmers perspective, its very hard to anticipate every single response they might get. For example, lets say you were learning English and I asked you "How are you?" If you were to reply, "I am learning Russian at Peace to All University in Japan" - I, as the programmer wouldn't know how to have the bot respond. "Thats cool" is my own personal pat response but thats because my brain doesn't know how to respond in many cases. If I were to ask "What is she reading?" You might want to say, "She is reading the newspaper but I am reading the textbook." Again, we have the issue of what should the bot say to that? Bots are only as intelligent as you make them to be. However, to code in every plausible response would take Terabytes of space. iPhones and Androids aren't given Terabytes of space for apps, let alone one app.

        This is why the response is so limited. Hope this clarifies things for you. I still upvoted you as I still found it frustrating anyway, as my brain does not always understand what they want or my brain refuses to give me what I know, and instead insists that adding "me and what I'm doing" is acceptable, when the question clearly does not care what I am doing, but only cares that I tell the bot what "it" or "she or "he" is doing.


        thank you for your opintion


        I use Windows Mobile, so I can't use this feature, please add it to Windows or Web. :(


        This will stay a purely optional aspect of the app, yes? :)


        Hey Duolingo people, I can only see a blank page when I click on the "Clubs" section on my phone. I have a MIUI operative system (8.1), based on android, could this have something to do with it?. Thanks.


        Im having the same problem


        Update "Android system webview", that fixed it for me! :-)


        Same problem for me and I can't solve it. I got a nexus 6 with the latest os version.


        Same problem - updated app on Android phone with updated OS and nothing


        All of my friends are learning Spanish, whereas I am learning German. Can we be in the same club?


        Hey i am learning German and Spanish.I created a club.If you want you can join.code is,M9VAS4


        if you dont find a club you can join mine :) USE THIS CODE: YQ5X3P TO JOIN MY CLUB. We can be Spanish speaking buddies and maybe friends!


        i am learning spanish too- I will definitely join.


        me 2!! I'll join you!!


        Hi there, can you please add me to the club?


        Could I join? I'm learning Spanish


        hi, i would love to join your club.


        For those learning spanish you have to put in the 6 digit code that is only for the Spanish club. For those learning German, you need the 6 digit code for the German club. One code will NOT work for both clubs. The club codes are very specific to 1 language only. Also, you have to have your profile set to start learning language before you can join the club. For Example, if you are set to learn Dutch, but have started German, you can't join the German club because Duolingo thinks you are now going to work on Dutch Questions. Switch the profile flag to German and then you can enter the code and join the German club. Thanks!


        No, clubs are for the same language. They don't allow you to join a "English" group if you are not learning it or if you're not logged into that language


        Yeah, that make no sense, because it is more useful a native correct you


        Club administrators should drop members with 0xp's to allow others to join who are really interested. A set of Administrator only commands would be helpful in club management. I'd like to warn members before they are removed or at least say goodbye.


        Feedback: Having tried a couple of clubs over the last three months, I have to honestly say that they seem pointless. Aside from possibly motivating you to practice more (assuming you even find a cub with many active users), there is no benefit to a club that I can see. There is no teamwork. The limited canned chat lines are silly. Even if you use them, it doesn't seem particularly motivating or sincere to spam "buen trabajo". We need to be able to use it as a message board, chat wth our fellow club mates, practice our language. You can't even manage the board without being able to talk to your members.


        Thank you for this post, you are so right! I want to add, that DL is able to send me notifications, when someone passed me. DL could also send a notification, if someone reacts with a comment.


        I can't see the club tab. I only have: lessons, profile, leaderboard and shop. Can you tell me how to get the club tab?


        Something is wonky with the app. I had the club tab for a couple of weeks and then it disappeared.


        Why can this not be on the computer also?


        It seems they prefer to release new features to the app first or only.


        So just to clarify...

        No clubs for website version yet? Only mobile?



        it's making i think


        It'd be nice if it was easier to add friends you are already following. BUT the quicker fix that would make your code method easier is allowing the code to be copied to the clipboard from mobile. I kept long pressing it hoping it would let me copy but to no avail.

        I'm excited about the clubs though! I will share my code with friends I'm rallying to improve their preferred 2nd language. :)


        Does what you do on your computer not sync with the clubs? I've done 269 XP (most of it on computer) and on the club it only says 89 :( any of you guys have the same problem?

        I've refreshed it so many times.

        • 1442

        bananahannah1169: Yes , Same thing .


        Having trouble using it on my Android device. I click the Clubs tab and it's just blank :/


        Same case here. It also sometime says 'an error occurred. Please try again later' It is probably just a bug on certain android devices as the feature is new.


        Update "Android system webview", that fixed it for me! :-)


        does not help at all


        Fixed mine, thanks!


        I really like this idea. But my girlfriend and I are trying to learn french together and it won't let us join each others clubs. It continuously says that there is trouble because I need to be learning French but I'm almost level 8 in French.


        I am level 6 in french and having the same problem :/ Update: I am only having this problem with some of the clubs, some others i can join. weird


        Wouldn't it be awesome if the maximum number of members was somewhat increased?!


        more like a chat room so whoever is online can chat and practice the language


        How come there are no clubs on the website?


        You should add a chat!


        I agree, it would be nice to have access to a club in the web version of Duolingo. I joined a club in my Android Duolingo app, however I cannot find this feature in the web version.


        Thanks a lot! Can't wait for the web version of it :)


        One year on and still not available on the website. I really am quite puzzled as to why.


        Feature request:

        Invite links with app deep linking.

        Ability to change club name and badge.

        Multiple clubs per language.


        Hello Luis, Hello DuoLingo team,

        I would like to make your team the suggestion to open a new "Clubs" sub-forum so that users can post related content to: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19951606

        Best regards from Germany



        Is anyone else seeing differences with XP or Lingots between the web and app? My club score says 20 XP but the web says 600 (I tested out of some Spanish skills for the 580; not sure if that's relevant). The app shows that I have 50 lingots but the website shows 0. I just signed up today for duolingo through the app (also not sure if that's relevant)


        Just formed a familiy club and even got my mum to start French! Great idea


        Maybe a bug report regarding the clubs: Android app. (Italian) tree in main view. When I try to add a bonus skill via the plus-Buttons I jump to the clubs and not anymore to the shop.

        (That is perfectly OK for me as today is my wedding anniversary and I wanted to celebrate it by buying the love-bonus-skill while my wife is my only club mate. So the maybe-bug may just be as much in love with my wife as I am.)


        I love this idea but I would like to have a way to chat with people within the club. It'd make it even more entertaining and fun to learn a language! I love Duolingo, though. Thank you!


        Hey guys If you are also learning Russian, you are more than welcome to join our club!


        See you there :)


        A. Why are many many comments hidden with many downvotes? I've read some of those comments and do not agree with the downvotes.

        B. Suggestions: (Some might have been suggested before, sorry!)

        1. Clubs: Have 2 tabs. 1 tab for discussion, and the other tab that shows members stats that is updated daily. Currently, the member stats within the club is hard to find, and doesn't always show up. Its Weekly only, which makes me wait until duolingo's week is up for me to see who is ahead, which in turn, does not allow stiff competition. ;) We can't ask either, because comments are limited to what you want us to say.

        2. Clubs: Allow Comment to be both Speech Bubbles you have gave us, or whatever we type in, with emojis and other languages being allowed. This can be restricted to only private clubs if you wish.

        3. Clubs: Allow clubs to be private only or public as we wish.

        4. Clubs: Add a new tab to the website that contains only one Forum Discussion per Language. Each discussion will ONLY contain Club Invite codes for that specific language. In this way, those who want to find clubs to join can. It will also keep this other forum "cleaner".

        5. Clubs and Website: Adopt SMF forum for Duolingo as their forum is WAY better organized and it's open source, free. And, if you were to do this, then Club invites could be in its own board instead of a separate forum page. I know they don't allow site integration out of the box, but I don't mind logging in twice. They do allow forking too. It would allow me to find the German threads or the Russian threads much easier. The "help me" threads can be in its own board. It would make Duolingo much more professional looking. Your forum is a nightmare for me. Sorry!

        6. Clubs and Website: I am assuming that eventually you will have a website version once you get the kinks worked out on the phone apps. Not everyone has a smart phone. And those of us who do, sometimes its just easier to use the web version because the phone version does not have easy access to grammar notes. My friend pointed this out to me, that the grammar points were missing for the Russian on the iphone.

        7. Profile and Clubs: Currently, I have to click on the 3 dots, then choose language, then click on clubs. It would be LOVELY :D :D if I could click on ClubS and then choose which club I want. Or, you'll need to lob off the S in Clubs because its inaccurate, as we only have one club we can see. I'd prefer you allow us to choose which club we want instead. ;)



        Will clubs also be available on windows phone soon?


        Join new English to Dutch club :D



        The Dutch club I joined is not registering XP, and it's not just me, everyone has 0XP on the leaderboard! Can anyone confirm this is a bug for Dutch clubs?


        I have been using Duolingo for several years with Spanish, but I am VERY new to the Danish language, but I am going on a trip to Denmark this summer, so I have started to learn Danish on Duolingo to try and have at least a little bit of a base in the language before I am there! Every Danish "Club" I see advertised is already full, and I really want to try and see what the "Clubs" are like....... so I created one! The code is S8V25E


        Wow! Quite the interesting feature, but I have a question. Is the feature available in the Windows version of the apps, too?


        Clubs are only available for Android and iOS devices, sadly.


        I agree with BagelBows. Doesn't make any sense to limit it just to mobile. Please consider NOT rolling out new features until they are ready to be on all sorts of computers. thanks.


        Awww, not too happy about that, but thanks for the info!


        Feature request: I think that, as a club admin, one should be able do switch off the notifications that someone completed some level or someone overtook someone else for position number 12. Who cares? This only makes the "real" discussion harder to follow. Completing a level and getting it gold is gratification enough, one does not need an extra mention in the club...


        I have android and I don't have the clubs button. Just league.


        I have the same problem. Came here looking for a workaround but there seems to be none.


        Can we expect improvements to clubs? Rumors are that they are being phased out for leagues :/


        I can not see the club activity in my app


        You give, then take away. Please bring back clubs!!


        Let's say if we can't get the app and we want to have clubs. Now that is just lame. They make you get the app if you want to have clubs. Why not add them in the website.


        And it has been 2 years. What's the wait Duolingo?


        This is cool but here are some of the things that are not so good: -You should be able to type your own comment -Instead of having to click "Profile" to get to your Profile, you should have to click "Clubs" to have to get to Clubs. This is because everyone is used to clicking that area and looking at their profile: quick leaderboard, profile picture, amount of days they've practiced, and their goal. But you cannot find all of that when you first click that area with clubs. -Can someone that is practicing a different language join your club? -If so then if the comments are in the language you are practicing, then how will you know what they are saying? -You should be able to edit your club name and shield design -I am the administrator of a club and I got a two-digit amount of XP and it went off the page instead of remaining under the "ADMIN". Therefore, I have to move the screen to the right to see the full "20 XP" and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd flags on the left are not shown at the same time. But, it is a nice addition. I like it!


        I think that creating a club to practice one language is better, so people wouldn't get confused. But I agree with all the other suggestions.


        What I did was start a club for every language my friend and I are both learning. Then, we can taunt or encourage each other in various clubs with the other guessing as to which club the friend is ahead in. lol We're making it a game. lol

        OTOH, it would be cool to be able to have one club for every language and then be able to switch the speech bubbles to the language we want. And, be able to say whatever we want outside of the speech bubbles.


        Please add to your Windows app too!


        i was hoping that there'd be a feature where we can actually write our own messages to each other and all practice writing in french (or any learning language) together like a group chat kind of thing


        Not to be negative but this is just the same as what we already had. Just more organized. I already could see a leaderboard and friend progress. I could already cheer them on. I thought this would be a way to practice speaking the target language tother you know? I realize you will never do that because there are so many kids on here. I myself am a teacher who has middle schoolers use it. But if I am in charge of a club I could be the admin myself and moderate discussion.... This seems like a ue=seless update. But it looks nice.


        I started a club and invited friends. I sent them the code but they do not see how to join.


        Great Update , but a feature to search the clubs according to the language would be amazing.

        I am trying to learn Spanish.

        Anyone who knows English and looking to learn Spanish can join my club with Code: 6SEBKX


        You have to find a club code on duolingo through discussion search for the language you are learning. IF you create a club, please post the code to the 2nd link below.

        Here is complete instructions. Good luck on finding a club code on duolingo! Please upvote my thread too because trolls downvoted it and doing a forum search does not make my post findable! Thanks!



        i would love to but do not know how


        You have to find a club code on duolingo through discussion search for the language you are learning. IF you create a club, please post the code to the 2nd link below.

        Here is complete instructions. Good luck on finding a club code on duolingo! Please upvote my thread too because trolls downvoted it and doing a forum search does not make my post findable! Thanks!



        How? My smartphone app doesn't ask for codes. It just shows me I'm in a group which I had to create. I could leave that one, but nothing else.


        Is your club still going ? If so how do I join it ?


        I hope you guys make a web version soon!!!


        how do I delete the club?


        It's nice that this is on the Android and iOS apps. But, it's just ridiculous that this isn't available on the website. This needs to be corrected.


        If anyone is learning Esperanto, join my club: V4ZJAP. I named it "amikoj", even though i don't know anyone else who is learning Esperanto...yet.


        I clicked on the email link for clubs but it just takes me to my profile. I had to google to find this post. that email was a bit misleading. I use Duolingo on my windows 10 devices and it's not there either. I noted the iOS & Android app text afterwards...oops maybe I should work on English


        Why can only 15 people be in a club? It should be changed to 35 people in a club so teachers can make clubs for students.


        Spanish Group PWFK8D


        if you dont find any members you can join my club

        USE THIS CODE: YQ5X3P TO JOIN MY CLUB. We can be Spanish speaking buddies and maybe friends!


        Hi there, can you please add me to the club?


        Hope that this is available soon on the Website


        A brilliant idea just don't have friends learning Spanish Is it possible to make random contacts


        Thank you very much for this great development in the app. Club is a good addition. To make it even greater it would be nice to be able to add more than 15 persons into the club and also be able to be a member of more than one Club.

        I'm a teacher and I asked my students to join the Club, and I was hoping to be able to invite all my students, but then I found out I could only invite 14 others.

        Thank you again for a great app and development.


        I am a teacher also, and I agree with this statement 100%.


        As a fellow American I believe that your hoodie is an example of American pride and spirit and I would like to give you a spanish high 5


        For you and your students is far better to use Duolingo for schools , https://schools.duolingo.com/


        Why don't you release the web versions of all these new features first?


        This is great! May I suggest that there are not any limits to how many members can be in a club? This could really bring out some great competition. I would love to be in 1st place over 300 members, etc. Also, as a teacher with 22 students in a class, I would love to have all my students join my club so they can compete against each other.


        Sounds great, any news on when will this be available for web users?


        Great. But it doesn't work for me. I'm trying to join a group. It says join a German club! I put the code and then this message appears: Oops, this is a German club. You need to be learning German to join this club. LIKE REALLY!! I'm studying German. I don't know what the problem is. I guess because it's a new thing, I hope you fix it soon.


        You have to switch the language you are learning on the app to German first, and then you can click on Clubs and enter in the code.


        I've got the same problem, but for Italian. I'm learning Italian, have Italian as the language selected, but still get the same error of "Oops, this is a Italian Club! You need to be learning Italian to join this Club."


        You are going to have to put in a support request with tech. I'm not sure what that link is. Sorry! That is a programming glitch. I don't know if switching languages on the app and then switching back to Italian would help or not. You may have already done this too.

        Another thing that maybe might work, is if you finished a section on the Italian, then try to join the Italian club. I know they only allow 15 members per club. I'm not sure what message would come up if the club is full or not.


        I solved that problem. I was learning German from Portuguese, but then I changed to German from English and it let me join the cub. I hope it works fo you.


        When do you think that this function will be available on the web?


        When is it coming out on the website?


        cant wait for the web version


        This maybe early but perhaps future improvements to the club feature is adding prizes/lingots/badges for 1st, 2nd and third place after lets say each week and competition against other clubs and introducing overall club rankings would be exciting! Also the ability to follow club members would be nice.


        Wish you would bring it to the website, too!


        I think you need to put it on the web. Some people don't have androids or iPads and don't have the Duo app. It will be easier. :)


        Yes, please make web version (I saw it's planned). Much easier to type on desktop than mobile!


        Wheen exactly are you you planning to introduce it to the web aswell?


        will an open chat button be available in the future?


        Romanians learning German are invited in RO-club. Code: ZBCRQ5


        Spanish club code Y6JSWM. Club name ITGEEKS. Share your Spanish IT/Tech vocabulary


        Hi there, can you please add me to the club?


        Add chat between club members so we can practice the language in the best way possible: real conversation.


        Would it be correct to say that one can only be in one club at a time?


        Maybe only one club for each language you're learning via Duolingo.


        Review: So far, the clubs feature is great! It's competitive, which encourages more effort , among a small group so it's easier to track progress. But why is there no chat/interactive capability :'-( . Oh Duo, please fix this p


        I find this update to be pretty amazing as it is the first real step into making it more social. On the app we don't have the opportunity to comment or discuss as we have on the website so I still think it's a loong way to go from here into making it even more great.

        Suggestion: being able to search for clubs for languages you are learning would be AMAZING.


        can it be also for laptops?


        Duolingo Clubs are integrated with the latest versions of the Duolingo iOS app and Duolingo Android app...We hope to add Clubs to Duolingo on the web too!

        Eventually, it appears they will be added to the web.


        I would really love to see clubs on web version too


        I hope that clubs will be available on the web Duolingo soon!


        Very excited for the web version!


        Don't forget about WP users ;(


        I want Clubs on Web!


        It would be nice if you could create a club where members are studying different languages to encourage and compete with each other


        Are we not able to access our clubs on the web? I use it often.


        learning french from english code: ASYDNH


        Can't try it till it's available for desktop browsers. Don't have a smartphone.


        100th Lingot donated!


        it is so sad that we can not use duolingo club on web


        why no club in web version?


        Please allow us to access the clubs while using the web version :)


        how do I join a Duolingo club on the web


        Removing members doesn't work: I'm administering a club that is full. Half of the member are very active and they are becoming a source of motivation. Yet there are others that haven't practiced or done anything whatsoever since the club was created . Those spots could be used by really interested people, so I clicked on their names and then on "remove from club". A message is displayed saying "removing..." but no member is actually removed as they are still there in the list of members and the members count is still 15... Could you (Diigo) please fix it? (or can someone tell me where to write so that they fix it?)


        I am a member of a Spanish club. Today I hit 199 days and since joining have levelled up from about level 10 (when I joined) and now about 600 points from Level 19. There is rarely any activity in my club and only a couple of members are active for about 3 days maximum. Even the administrator has not been present for months. I have tried a few times to open a chat or to bolster encouragement, but NADA. I feel like it is a club of phantoms and not very exciting. The club is a HUGE disappointment! Now I only stay, just to prove to these people that with dedication and a few minutes each morning success is possible. Are there any other Spanish Clubs out there that contain active members? It would be nice to be a little competitive on the weekly leader board, as I feel like I am only playing against myself. I think I joined around May 2017 and have won the leader board every week since! It is a hollow victory though :(


        Found your own club! I have a Swedish club since April 2017. Clubs name is "Lär dig varje dag! (Learn every day). Everyone with 0 xp or 0 days streak has to leave the club. " It is areal challenge. About 8 members stay with me for more than half a year already. Other come and go (are kicked off from me). With the new comment function, we have also some discussion.


        I have been looking on my mobile to create my own club, but can find nothing and a little frustrated by this. I would love to create a Spanish club that is interactive and fun, as well as providing that little bit of friendly competitiveness that motivates people to strive for better.


        I'm amazed and also challenged by your dedication! I need to up my daily learning! Bravo Philip!


        I am actually in my second go round for Spanish. I completed the tree once already under a different profile name and had close to 350 day streak, then screwed up and missed two days, thinking it was only one and the streak freeze had expired lol. about 32,000 points. I struggle with learning a new language, so wanted to reinforce with the second profile.and through this, I have developed a better confidence and actually having small conversations with people. Being an expat in D.R. from Canada has created this obsession, but at least it is a good obsession lol.


        Please add clubs to the pc website. I feel left out. :(


        Seeing the comments below, I think almost all people want it on the web. I'm one of those and I hope it will be possible soon!


        I think it would be great if clubs could compete with each other, not just within themselves. In other words, there could be a leaderboard showing the total XP per week of each club, perhaps divided by languages.


        I think it's a cool idea, but when I think of a club, I think of more interaction and more conversations. I made a club in hopes of practicing my French with other users while having the common interest of KPop, but I found out it is more like a stats board than an actual club. It would be really cool if y'all added a conversation feature to the clubs (with filters probably), but I know how hard y'all work, so you guys are definitely not obligated to do it. Thank you guys!


        I second the motion here :)


        can we make it for the web yet?


        Agreed. Upvote for addition of Clubs to the web version.


        How do we do it on the computer?


        Please give us the web version, too!


        I think we need this on desktop. In addition, a way to search for groups by topics would be a nice feature.




        It has been 10 months since this announcement and clubs are still not integrated on the website. When will this feature be on the web?


        Please make clubs for PC and Computer!


        Hi all!

        My friends and I are all doing each-others' languages on Duolingo and as such, I tried to create a club so that we could all provide mutual support to each-other. However, the only club(s) I can work out how to create are all monolingual. We don't have a single shared course between the five of us, so I'd like to know how to go about creating a club which we can all be a part of.

        Directions, please? :)


        Very nice idea! But forget it! DL clubs are not good for communication at all and I think, the DL team does not want to support communication in any way. In former days, I could send you a private note, but they even turned off that feature. For communication with your friends you should find a lot of tools, other than DL. WhatsApp, facebook or what ever...


        Why can't I access clubs from a browser?


        Is there any way to see peoples usernames once they are in your club?


        I like clubs but there are issues with different time zones. I've been kicked out of groups because I didn't do the required number of XPS that the groups set up as a daily/weekly requirement even though my day was not over for four more hours. And then there's no way to find and get in contact with the group afterwards. A great feature would be to be able to set when you want your day to start and finish (say 2am). It would solve this problem and also allow for people who study around midnight to avoid problems with time, as long as you do the lessons every 24 hours. Other than that, I'm a big fan of Duolingo!


        How do I delete a club I no longer want?


        People learning the same language from different ones should be able to belong to the same club! For example I am learning German from English and my girlfriend is learning German from Spanish...


        How do I join or create a club in duolingo on a computer??


        I know its probably been mentioned before. But please please please make this feature available on desktop. It seems like its just there for the achievement now, it needs to be bulked out a little more. Like allowing us to create threads and such within the club would be awesome. Otherwise we're just a bunch of strangers randomly chatting in a feed and it seems to go nowhere.


        when will these be added to PC/Mac?


        WHY is it per language? And why limit the number of people to only 15? I created a club and shared on twitter. People could not join because they need to be learning the same language as me. This doesn't make sense, we want to compete in the leaderbord, keep each other streaks, etc.


        1 year ago and still no clubs for pc :(


        Why did you take away club browsing feature? Now I can only randomly join? And max 50 members makes the clubs nigh useless. I type in there hoping it will be beneficial but really it’s a waste of time. I’ve been in clubs with 50 people and barely anyone says anything. Clubs are not active enough to promote actual use of the language. You need to have a minimum of 100 members in a club for the club to stay active. And given how people’s duolingo use varies widely generally you’re gonna need probably clubs of 500+ people to keep them active. Also i am not getting points for norwegian club use whereas i do for french. What gives?


        Is it possible to view clubs from Duolingo on the browser?


        No. There is no icon to pick to get into clubs in Hungarian from English. I don't know the situation in other languages. It was there before the update. I hope they bring it back. I am still in the club I was in before the update but I am alone there. There may be others who are in clubs that were there before the update but now there is no way to join a club even if you can start one and publish a code to ask others to join. They can't join you, right now at least. In any case clubs were only available on the App, not on the computer browser version.


        Soooo where is the web version of the clubs... this post is a year old.


        This forum is a year old but my response is current. I responded to this quetion yesterday to someone else, and again now to you. There is no computer / browser / web version of clubs. Clubs, if they exist are only on the apps, both ios and android. There is no current club available for Hungarian. If I change my language to French, German, or Spanish there is an icon for clubs at the bottom of the screen, both on my phone and my tablet. There I can create or join a club. But not in Hungarian. It disappeared after the update. That's all I know about this.



        I really enjoy being a part of a club, so thank you for introducing them. Member participation however is low. A majority of members go for weeks and months at a time without even gaining any experience points and a large majority rarely if ever participate in the club chats, and games that are designed to stimulate participation. I think limiting club membership to 50 members is a good number for a few reasons, one being it allows a fair-sized group of people compete in a setting with a reasonable chance of winning for the week. The downside is that clubs inevitably become stagnant with inactive members. When I first picked out my club, I visited all the clubs that were open and chose the one with the most participation and an atmosphere that I found productive. For this reason, I didn’t want to leave because there are 4 people that do participate to some degree. There is one member who interacts personally with me and that makes it come to life. I have also invited many friends to Duolingo, but they cannot join my group because it filled up quickly, and I suspect it is one of the better groups, so no one ever leaves. I have an idea…

        How about create a special club that requires activity? Make participation the dues of club membership and I am sure people with thank you for it!
        • If you don’t gain any experience points for a week, you are dropped from the group.
        • If you don’t participate in club conversations over the period of a month, then you are dropped. • You could experiment with thresholds or even vary them just to stir things up. Even after being dropped members would eventually be able to get back in, because most people are just not that consistent. Those that are would enjoy the interaction of a club that is alive. Depending on the success of this active club, you may one to create a category of active clubs, or possibly make it a rule across the board. I believe this sort of thing could really take off and be a success.


        How do I access a club?


        I'm really grateful to have clubs on phones, but I would also like to have clubs on computers please, because many people prefer duolingo on their desktops and im one of them.


        I think admins should have more control over the content in clubs. For example, I noticed that earlier discussions among group members disappear after a couple of weeks. I think admins should be able to prevent certain discussions from disappearing, perhaps by pinning them to the top of the club feeds. I would like to welcome members of my club to ask questions but my message disappears a couple of weeks after I post it and new members will not see it.


        Some ideas: 1) Club should have requirements in order to be joined (for example: i wanted to create a group for level 25 in ENG-ITA, but it's full of lazies) 2) New members should be able to read and accept the club requirements 3) Duo should be able to kick members failing the requirements/conditions out 4) Or the Admin should be able to select multiple members and kick them out (failing the requirements/conditions).


        When is the club going to post on the website?


        It's not working on my tablet I don't know why . Is it because I'm in Syria or because I'm using a table I can't see the leaderboard or club members tho , can somebody help me?


        @Luis are you aware of any upcoming development for the clubs? It would be super helpful if we could pin a welcome message explaining any rules for our clubs.


        I have the android version...there is no clubs tab anywhere that I can find! I am trying to join a specific club with a group of friends. I have a code.


        Ok... But it isn't available on MY android and it is less than a year old. It was on it two weeks ago but it disappeared and now I can't get into. Why is that? What did you guys do in the update? I actually like that aspect because it helped me use what I'm learning in a practical way. Can you please put it back? I assure you, I'm over 13.


        But why not on the website?


        dude can we please have clubs on the website and can the shop be the same on both? I wanna have duo in a gold tracksuit on my computer, I paid good lingots for that


        Clubs aren’t working for me it’s just a leaderboard and I want clubs do you know how to change it I’m an iOS user if that helps


        Duolingo Clubs tab is greyed out. How do I join clubs?


        Why can't we do clubs AND leaderboards. I'd rather do clubs, but evidently can't opt out of leaderboards.


        To opt of of leaderboards: On your web browser go to settings --> Privacy then check enable clubs and uncheck 'make my profile public' :)


        These design decisions are so backwards. Next thing you know, they're going to be removing forums from the website and putting clubs here after taking them away on the 19th.


        Please, Luis, bring back our clubs! Whatever it was, you can improve them, but don't cut the social learning arm in Duolingo!

        A lot of Club fans want them back: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/please-save-duolingo-clubs


        Are clubs over❔


        Why did you guys take away clubs? And why didn't you warn us that you were taking away clubs? I was surprised to find they were gone without notice.


        Duolingo Clubs is over?


        2 years and still nothing ??


        Do clubs still exist? I can't figure out where my previous one went and how to start a new one!


        no ser como hacer un club


        Please bring club feature back


        I am trying to create club but can't find out how to do it on my laptop, on iphone or ipad. Nothing relates to the up to date versions, help would be appreciated


        Because the clubs have been replaced by the leagues


        i think they should re add the clubs back


        i think they should just re add the clubs again


        I love this thanks xx


        Thank you, Duolingo team! Being a new Android user, it's nice to see a feature that is not exclusive to iOS devices.


        Yet it is exclusive for mobile users. Why can't I use this on my browser?


        They say that they hope to add it to the web soon.


        And then there's Tinycards... almost three months now.


        I really like the tiny cards. they are just a quick easy way to refresh vocabulary when you are not wanting to go through a whole cycle of a lesson at the time. I use it for French and Italian. Look forward to other languages I am learning to be added. :)

        Especially Irish and Welsh.


        That's only on iOS thus far, it seems


        Are tiny cards only for certain languages? I haven't seen them mentioned.


        Are these flash cards and are they available for German? I'm using Duolingo on my Samsung Galaxy 7 and Ipad and sometimes online.


        Tinycards can be made for any language, as long as it's well-done. Duolingo has a Tinycards account there, unsurprisingly called Duolingo.

        They have the Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and Swedish vocabularies, if I recall it correctly.

        @Williedunn, the Tinycards decks are similar to flashcards, yes. They function slightly different and are more flexible, though.

        It is a good app if you want to just exercise vocabulary. I'm creating an Old Dutch course there, and I've noticed some things that should be kept in mind when making a Duolingo-styled course.


        They should surely add it to the Windows 10 PC App, if not the browser.


        But what about Windows app? Duolingo has an universal one for mobile and PC, and yet no update. It's in the same state as the web version, abandoned. Those 2 versions even lack tinycards.


        Thank's Luis! You and the dev team are incredible!!! I can't wait to try this out... Keep it up!!! :)


        Agree. I'd like to see it on the web version as well though. I use that more because of the richer lessons.


        Yes, the android app is so terribly bare bone that it can't be used to learn a language, we can just use it for practicing.


        Am I right in thinking that " Clubs " are only available on mobile devices ?


        Duolingo Clubs are integrated with the latest versions of the Duolingo iOS app and Duolingo Android app...We hope to add Clubs to Duolingo on the web too!

        You are correct.


        I know it sounds lame but what about club update for Windows phone app?


        So Duolingo, could both the web and Windows app be updated soon? Not sure if there's any other apps out there, if there it, someone please mention it! Everyone should be able to use clubs; again, not everyone has iOS or Android.


        i cannot find on android even that i had updated it:(


        6 months later still no desktop clubs. Very poor


        plz I can't acess it on the iPad


        I can't even access it on my computer. The only thing I can get to it on is my kindle. :(


        neither can i mate ;-;


        ah025774 - you got it to work on your Kindle? Because even that hasn't worked for me.


        How do you get in a club?


        Use the mobile app and go to the clubs tab, create a new club or add a club code to join


        @ChrisRace1, You may have to manually update the app. I saw that my app needed an update, so I updated it (For androids, to update, go to the Google Play Store, search the app, and click the green "Update" button. It will then update and you can open the app in the regular way). I went to see what was new and I saw clubs. I am very excited to use it.

        When you create a club, you are able to choose a language, name, and a badge for it. The best part is, you can choose who is in your club using a special code unique for your club. As administrator, you may also remove people from the club.

        If you want to join a club that has already been named, you will need to access a code. Type in the code and you are in.

        I think it'd be great if DuoLingo added a chat function! I believe that it will help with the community-like feel of the clubs.

        I hope it helps! :)


        Do you know how you can get into a club on a computer?


        I don't see a clubs tab on the mobile app. All I can choose are: Learn, Social, and Shop.


        Get into my club, I have many slots available. Code is: H3ZPS7


        Code for learning German ??


        https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20501722 That is full instructions that should answer most questions people have.


        I have no idea. Still trying to figure that one out....


        Exactly! Duolingo Clubs on the web would be awesome!


        Ditto! I MUCH prefer the full size screens of desktops & laptops to the puny screens on smartphones.


        I never use the app normaly I use the pc


        I really Really Think they SHOULD put a WEB VERSION as many of the users Use The WEB!!!! Give a lingot if you Agree and like if you agree


        I agree with you, since I only really use the web version for that reason.


        This would be great. I don't work on a device, but a laptop, so I can't access the clubs. Not cool, Duolingo.


        i want it on my Pc. :(


        Agreed, there's so many apps literally just for Android and iOS, but not everyone has Android or iOS.


        Yeah, same here. :/ Да, это расстраивает.


        Me too. I use it on my iPhone, but if I don't have my phone, I like to keep track of the progress of the people in my club.


        What do you mean richer?


        There are more sentences on web version than on mobile :)


        True enough, like often, as developpers still mainly work on computers, but what about clubs, not appearing on the web?


        AGREED!! I just had to join the Spanish Club via my phone (android), since my laptop is PC, and I'm usually on the website. But I'm excited about the potential!!


        I agree. Hope they will put on pc too. :(


        Hi ! I am new to DuoLingo where I am using both Android App and the web service for learning French. I noticed that the test content has slight difference - the web serice gives you the lesson summary while the app doesn't 'while' the tests are more comprehensive on the app where speaking is also included . Is it me or has anyone else also noticed ?


        I completely agree! Very refreshing. :)


        How do I get to this ("Duolingo CLUBS") via my Android device? Can't find it.


        I read it's being rolled out little by little. In fact, I just got mine about an hour ago. You should be getting the update soon!


        The Clubs feature is part of the updated version of the Duolingo app, so if you go to your installed apps underneath "My apps & games" in the Google Play Store, Duolingo should appear as needing an update. Hope this answers your question. :)


        Same but how do u get it


        Did you try updating your Duolingo app?


        I agree as an android user myself but I don't have duolingo on it


        XDD get roasted apple lol...


        I'd like to create a club to practice French with. We could skype each other and talk in french to practice.


        I would do that. But I am already fluent in french because I take classes, and I don't have skype. But I'll support here is a lingot.


        i agree and some people are not aloud to skype or talk to random strangers


        Thank very much for the Lingot. :-)

        [deactivated user]

          My Spanish club is looking for members, code is T7N3QD

          Please notice that I have a typo in the name of the club, it's Spanish, not Spabish. I don't think Spabish is a thing.


          I'm really working hard on speaking Spanish, but so far all I can manage is Spabish.


          I am a beginner again, but have studies beginning Spanish already. I forget it, because I don't speak Spanish with anyone. I am on a laptop. Can I join with your code? Christine


          The duolingo clubs only work on smart phones currently. Sorry! Rumour has it that they do hope to bring it to the website. However, there is not much you can do with the clubs currently. They sound cool, but you can't communicate like we can here. Its speech bubbles instead.


          Hi there, can you please add me to the club?


          I am really enjoying this tool, and can't wait for more platforms to come out. It's nice for Android users to have something for once. Thanks for the update!

          For everyone who is confused as how to join a club: First, make sure your device has the latest version of Duolingo. Next, decide if you want to make a new club or join an already made club. You can only have one club per language, and clubs are specific to languages. After making a club, you should have a code that you can give to other users to join your club (If you would like to join a Danish club, I have made one and the code is 3ZA94D). OR If you would like to join an already made club, you can usually go to the forums and find users advertising their clubs. (there are several on this post.)

          EDIT: I have heard that on some devices, the clubs tab isn't available; showing an error sign or "try again later". I don't know how to work around that. Hopefully, the app update will bring a fix to the bug.


          When I open my Clubs tab, It is blank.


          Hi I'm learning Portuguese and I wanted to join a club that a group of mine created, but when I add the code a pop up says "Oops, this is a Portuguese Club, you need to be learning Portuguese to join this club". Can you please help me.


          I have the same problem with German


          Here is complete instructions. Good luck on finding a club code on duolingo! Please upvote my thread too because trolls downvoted it and doing a forum search does not make my post findable! Thanks!



          Was your app set to Portuguese when you tried joining? If you are in a different language it won't work.


          My app is in English, but I am learning Portuguese...I'm not sure how I can fix it.


          Can I join your group ? I'm also learning Portuguese


          I also have a group called PortuGAYS not sure if you would wanna join?


          Where? I want to join!


          I also have a group LGBT French (code N5KT8V). There are two gay French clubs too (VXZCGA and DUGP6M).


          Here is complete instructions. Good luck on finding a club code on duolingo! Please upvote my thread too because trolls downvoted it and doing a forum search does not make my post findable! Thanks!



          Thank you Duolingo! I always look forward to the new updates and programs Duolingo has to offer! I can't wait to try it!


          Why are you getting downvoted?


          I think we have a spamming downvoter on the forums. I wish they could stop that. I would get rid of downvoting altogether if it were up to me.


          are the clubs for a certain language only or is it possible to each person in the club to learn a different one?


          It seems they are limited by language. I would have found them more useful if they were multi-language as my friend is learning different languages to me... .


          Is there going to be Duolingo Clubs for computers and laptops?


          I think this will be extremely useful for translation work in immersion (please don't toss it!).


          yeah well, only useful if they allow real contact. Another idea is to get a website and then install SMF forums on there. SMF forum is open software, free, and will allow you to customize the forum to suit your needs.


          Very good idea, but don't think to include the groups also for the app in Windows Phone? :D. There are not just Android and iOS users out there. Thanks and great job :D


          I don't agree. Language learning is not a game, about being in competition with other over 'scores'. Learning to communicate is not a game and Duolingo should not be about click-bait; social media; adverts; or commercialization. To reduce it to a "Daily league table" is to deride your learners who will become winners or losers.


          Actually, a lot of the language learning we do as children, in fact much of what we learn to do as children, is done through play as well as immersion. So yes, doing it as a "social" thing, or competitive, or as a game, all these fit in line with how we learn everything else as children. Learning games are a huge industry for just this reason.


          If that logic were true, capitalism wouldn't have worked, but it did work because competition motivates people to improve their skills.


          And communism gets people motivated to their leaders: Putin got Trump elected.

          Long live Liberalism :-D


          you are only a winner when you learn. you are a loser when you don't.


          Sounds like interpretations and conclusions you’re interpreting in a negative way when that’s not the way it really is.As children many kids learn to be potty trained or walk because they saw their little friends doing it first. Lotta times when I don’t feel like studying Spanish and then I see somebody passed me up in my Spanish club “Somehow “ I find the energy to study Spanish to regain my spot.LOL


          Hi among us, lil learning girl :-)

          For the above stupid comment, it's to be *learnt ;-), and the most erudite people don't match the wisest ones, from the heart invisible knowledge.


          How exactly do I make or join a club? I'm interested in Turkish and/or Spanish/German/French (I don't think I should do all at once), and I could join a Hebrew or Russian club as a near-native fluency speaker to help out


          When on an Android or iOS device, go to the new, updated version of Duolingo. At the bottom of the app, it should have a few tabs. One of them looks like a shield, and this is the Clubs tab.

          Once on the tab, click either "Join a Club", or "Make a Club". If you want to join a Club, find someone who is advertising their club for that language, and copy the link into the box that appears when you select "Join a Club". To make a Club, you choose the option under "Join a Club", and make a name and shield for it. Simple.


          Thanks, it's really nice that you put in the time and effort for such detailed instructions. Have a Lingot.


          I learn on an ipad, and where the sheild is supposed to be is still the social tab. Should I look for an update for the app?


          Yes, make sure Duolingo is updated to the most recent version and it should be there. It seems like you already found out how to make one:

          I started a Spanish club...

          Good luck with it!


          hi, if you are interested in spanish you can find yourself in my club maybe?

          USE THIS CODE: YQ5X3P TO JOIN MY CLUB. We can be Spanish speaking buddies and maybe friends!


          Hi Where do find a link or button for clubs on my laptop?? Donde esta un 'link'?


          I wish you say whatever you wanted in the groups, or at least send a private message.


          Ich auch. I like the proforma texts but would like the option to write free text. The clubs are a good idea but could have greater functionality.


          The Clubs section in my android just shows a Blank Page :-/


          Yeah apparently there is a bug only on certain android devices where clubs is just a blank page.


          Update "Android system webview", that fixed it for me.


          I wanna be capable to comment, not only with custom phrases.


          What exactly is the club meant for ? What all can we do with it? All I see is notifications of members practice. Is it supposed to be a discuss and learn with others? I'm really not appreciating it so far. May be I don't know what is to be done. Can someone suggest.


          It's an utterly useless feature. Prefab-comments and emoji? Really? After a week of "clubbing" I gave up on it, not only do I not gain anything from it, it is inaccurate in reporting what I did ... and my "ranking" means absolutely nothing to me.


          Fair point anandrej - I guess its not that clear to me at the moment, however I have joined a Spanish club but have no got much further than that at the moment - will let you know if I discover something we are missing !


          how do sign up to a club???

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          See my notes to" skittles " above .

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          Why the down vote ?


          Hey. I am currently learning german and when i want to join a german club (i've tried three codes) Duo is telling me "oops it's a german club"! And that's it :(. Thanks if you have a way to handle it.


          I need Spanish members! I'm just level 6 :) 7KBERQ


          Idk if ill leave my own club, but if u want to join mine..

          USE THIS CODE: YQ5X3P TO JOIN MY CLUB. We can be Spanish speaking buddies and maybe friends!


          I love it! How do I join an Esperanto club?


          I just started an Italian groups for Beginners to Intermediate called- Italian beg to ont the number is F3GAR4 I hope you can join me!


          This is cool, but would be cooler if we could use more than canned phrases for comments. Just the option would be nice. Looking forward to clubs being a better way to connect in future. Glad it's here! :)

          [deactivated user]

            This sounds great. I'm going to join a club.


            i hope to find like a speaking buddy here.. :) i really wanna learn a new language!


            How to locate a club and join it? Guide? I do not know where to locate a code..


            Hi I am learning spanish and i can understand it a little join my spanish club if you find yourself needing help or wanting to learn the language together USE THIS CODE: YQ5X3P TO JOIN MY CLUB. We can be Spanish speaking buddies and maybe friends!


            I will join now Sarah. Glad to :) Gracias niña. Apologies for my bad Espana.


            How do I add a skill thanks to the club? I want to start a bonus skill, I click on the plus and it take me to the club, that's it.


            That's nice! I'm very excited!!! :)


            Is there anyone who needs an extra member? I'd love to be part of a club!


            Hi you can join my spanish club if ur ever interested USE THIS CODE: YQ5X3P TO JOIN MY CLUB. We can be Spanish speaking buddies and maybe friends!


            Can you share your Club code of learning French? I am looking for French club to join. Thanks.


            Hey if you still interested here's my code: B2MR6F


            Learning French Code: 2A5PMG


            Thanks. I got it :)


            Please join 3TUR2P


            I wish lots of these features were on web as well. Btw Clubs is not showing up for my friend who has latest version on Android :/


            I've created a club to learn Italian and have lots of fun! You can join with the following code: XP4RQT


            I'm just starting to use the clubs feature so whoever wants to join my club, I named it French Beginners and the club code is SAY854


            If you're learning French: CODE: 8WR2ZC


            Okay, now how do i join these "clubs". I want to join. I also think it would be a good experience to be interactive with others too. But in different languages!:-)


            Can someone give me a Lingot... it would make my day!!!

            • 1442

            Kian: There you go !


            Thank you so much studyy You are amazing!


            Hi, I want to set up a French club. Anyone with me :) ?


            I just created a French Club: UN97VM


            Please add me in a Spanish group... ashishbnwl@gmail.com


            Hi, i am not on my phone rn, but if u are interested in joining a spanish club i have one. USE THIS CODE: YQ5X3P TO JOIN MY CLUB. We can be Spanish speaking buddies and maybe friends!


            I got the notification about the clubs and closed it to look at after I was done studying. Now I can't get the clubs section to load.


            Unfortunately I don't have many friends, so I've create a GERMAN club for English speaker, I'm waiting for you! Code: ZKF4WE


            Duolingo German Club : E589UA looking for mates :)


            Can anybody give me a code for me to join a dutch club?


            that's nice to hear about a new features on the app. I will sit here with the using-browser-version crew to wait for them to come for us. I know smartphones are common now but not everyone can use the app (due to many reasons)

            • 1442

            Luis ; I think it would be a good idea if you gave instructions following your " introduction " on how to join a club as this question is being asked by so many . It would also save on space and time spent on reading the comments .


            Hebrew Club (if anybody wants to join):



            thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            Swedish Club:



            Thanks Josh! I just joined to the Swedish club.


            Do you have to be on an app to participate in a club? I would like to do so from my laptop.


            7NCPH8 - use this code to join a low/mid level club to practice Spanish. Happy learning!


            Which languages are available?


            Can i have a parnter over iphone that can help with conversations- maybe on whatsup- to learn spanish?


            I can gladly be your partneer, just reply back if you are interested and i also have a club . USE THIS CODE: YQ5X3P TO JOIN MY CLUB. We can be Spanish speaking buddies and maybe friends!


            I can't seem to figure out how to make a 2nd club?


            You can only be in one club per language, sadly.


            Thank you. Hopefully they'll fix that soon!!


            I just switch languages and then I can make a club with that new language. This is how I have more than one club. But yes, it is only one club per language. You'd have to figure out how to put in a feature request. I did not add this to my "all in one" feature request post down because I didn't know anyone would want it. Sorry! I can see how it can be useful so that you can learn German with two different types of friends or whatever.


            Yeah that won't help in my case because I wanted to make one for my colleagues learning Dutch (we are expats in Amsterdam) and another for social group I am in, also learning Dutch here. :[


            I don't know if you can be a member in more than one Dutch club, but what if someone else starts the OTHER club and you join it? I've not tried this yet, but maybe that might be a workaround. Best Wishes!


            not interested in a club just one on one someone to practice speaking spanish with a fluent spanish speaker


            I think I can help you.....


            Hi All,I made english club with code: R86GKD, please join with us :)


            I'm so excited about this way of learning a different language. Thanks Duolingo!


            One club I'm in allows comments on updates, but another does not. How do I change the settings of my club to allow for comments?


            Great Update! However, Club won't let us to comment us freely as it's only given with the words provided.


            Anyone who are German Speakers - Join and Type AWH29G

            Members are needed!



            You have to pay to download the App in Apple. Bummer


            Hi - i created a club but i need to change the name - how can i do that? I created a German club while i was in my italian profile


            German club: D3AGYU Feel free to join ;)


            I've been trying to join a club, but the field where you are supposed to type in your code always disappears from my phone :(


            i need a english group please someone tell me


            Hi everyone I started a French club the code is PZFGAN thanks!


            Swedish Club Code:



            I guess I will start a club on my mobile :)


            Join my German Club! 6TPC5Q 11 slots left


            Is there any hope for a version of the Club feature that will allow a club that will let members track progress from ANY language they are learning? Like a multi-lingual club?


            Very nice idea! Should try ASAP.


            Being a new Microsoft cellphone user I see the App selection sucks balls............. wish i would of stuck with Iphones or switched and tried out Android...


            I think a nice feature would be the ability to browse clubs within the club feature on the app. I went in there and noticed that I could only start a club, or that I had to already have a friend's club code. It would be nice to be able to browse through and apply to a club that looks interesting and is accepting members. There could even be an option in club creation that allows you to tick private or public, in case you didn't want your club listed.


            I started a club. If anyone would like to join me to practice Norwegian the code is: XBFTKC


            I am interested in joining a club to help me to learn Spanish.


            This sounds cool, it's just i'm a web user and ca'nt access it.


            Have you ever though about giving ANYTHING to the tablet fire!


            Hi! ¡hola! Happy 2017 and greetings from Venezuela! I've created an Italian and French club, they're brand new! Here are their codes: Italian: 46zk2v. French gtkwuc. Everyone is most welcome!

            Fyi, I'm looking for a German club.

            Thank you Duolingo for this magnificent tool! Al the best, Kath.


            5Z3UGE join for Spanish


            Thanks Duolingo team - really finding your app / website useful - already made a lot of progress in 5 days!


            Ok I just managed to join a club and it disappointed me quite a lot. I thought finally there would be a place where we can actually talk and practice, but still we are limited to a few answers to each post. why is it so hard to add an actual commenting option ?


            Thank you so much Duolingo!!!!!!!!! I love your creativity and awesomeness when it comes to learning languages.


            Can you make someone admin in Clubs? If you can, then how?


            The creator of the club is the admin. If they leave, another user (randomly chosen, I guess?) becomes the admin. I do not believe you can directly make another user an admin.


            Hi guys I am trying to learn Irish and wanted to know if any discussion groups exist here on Duolingo thanks Paul/Pol


            This is amazing! Thank you!


            HI GUYS, I AM LEARNING SPANISH AND I TRY TO DO THIS APP DAILY USE THIS CODE: YQ5X3P TO JOIN MY CLUB. We can be Spanish speaking buddies and maybe friends!


            HI GUYS, I AM LEARNING SPANISH AND I TRY TO DO THIS APP DAILY USE THIS CODE: YQ5X3P TO JOIN MY CLUB. We can be Spanish speaking buddies and maybe friends! >>>>>>>I am open to using other social media apps if you are looking to interact in Spanish. Doesn't matter if ur beginner or fluent. I am an english speaker and know little spanish.


            This is awesome. I have recently started a local Spanish language conversation club. So this will be a great way for us to stay connected in between our monthly meetings. I hope there will be an ability to add more than 15 people to the clubs in future updates.


            How do I join a club and where can I find the clubs listed on the site


            It's only in the mobile app.


            https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20501722 detailed instructions that work for phones. Rumor has it that they are working on a web version.


            It is unfortunate that I can't access my leaderboard from iOS anymore. :(


            Hi Catherin. I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble finding the leaderboard on iOS. Inside of the Clubs tab you should see a link to "Profile" in the upper left corner of the screen. Tapping that will load your leaderboard, profile, access to settings, etc.


            Found it. Thank you!


            Join a with this code: 2zw6ay


            so .. you can only join on an app?


            I appriciate your idea. So how can I do it? show me


            Hello, I am starting to speak english, I believe a friend for speak


            Code DR73HP for practice english or


            A great idea for class motivation. Is there any chance of increasing the number of people in the 'club'. 30 would be a good max. Or does anyone have any other suggestions about how this could be used in a class?


            I just finished the Danish tree while in a Danish club, and… nothing! Not only that there is no indication whatsoever (apart from the golden owl at the end) when you finish on Android; also nothing appears in the club. So I finished the complete tree … nothing. I then refresh some introductory level skills: "X practiced some skills." Strange.


            Serious Spanish Club: Y8NVBA English to Spanish I'm level 7 with 900XP email: confyhify@gmail.com Add me and compete with me, if you win, I will give you amazon giftcard


            I am fairly new to learning french and would love to have others to speak with. I actually started a french club in duolingo if anyone wants to join. The code is 5ZMX2R


            New English to French club - code is UKW7NG :)




            Join new German Club YC32E6


            Hi all, I want to try out the club stuff but no-one I know is learning German. So, I've created my own "Beginners in German" TA73EH. All welcome!


            Sorry to the people who've joined for the typo in the club title! I can speak English really.. Unfortunately I can't seem to change the title - nor can I use the comments to explain as they are limited to one or two phrases. Odd. Anyway, still some spaces left - come join us!


            Someone please make an Italian club! I can't find any...


            I just started an Italian Club called Quando a Roma. Code is BEFH5S.


            I introduced two different codes to join portuguese clubs but the app refuses to validate my choice, saying that I must be a Portuguese learner. Well, I am actually a portuguese learner...


            Created a Portuguese club. Anyone who's interested can join ;). Code is CJ4HUY.


            Hallå. Who are filipinos here learning swedish? Here is a club code PZXSGB


            whats a bot AM I THE ONLY 1 THAT DOES NOT KNOW


            How do I use it?


            Awesome! ... Any chance that we will be seeing Clubs available on this site any time soon?


            my club French Fries is waiting for you! use code MJWUP4 xoxo


            Can I join someone's Italian or French club please? :)


            Hey if you still interested here's my code: B2MR6F


            How do I send a message to another member to invite them to join my club? It's called Russian Dorks. The invitation code is: Y7WCAJ. Anyone is welcome to join.


            how do you get into a club?


            its only on mobile but you can join by entering a code someone gives you


            Hi, I love Duolingo so much! I am Italian, and I just created a club to learn English language! The code is FR4UCK :) :)


            Hey everyone! I started a German club called German Bros! If you want to join the code is: XRWN6Q


            Hey you should join the Italian club -NS92BV


            Hello everyone, You can join my spanish club, code is TH98D5


            Clubs seems great fun...anyone knows a name of an existing club I could join? I'm focused on Spanish at the moment. Thank you!


            Gaeilge (Irish) Club created! Join by using this code: BHJVSN

            Bíodh lá maith agat!


            Join our french club, French Fries are waiting for u! :) Code: MJWUP4


            Hi there :) to enter my spanish club please use: JSBVW4 - For french: BHTD8X


            Hi, I just started an Italian Club calle Rocambolesco, you're welcome to join with code K4PMWU


            Just added a new Italian one: 9Y6WAS

            Come join! :)


            Join my Russian beginners club, code C796AX! I am an absolute beginner in Russian and would like to form this club so we can all learn together. My native language is English, but I also speak some Arabic, French, and Swedish. I have recently started learning Spanish on Duolingo and have now completed the course, and am learning further. I live in the United Kingdom. Hope to talk to you all soon! Best wishes, Paul (loudoniii on Duolingo)


            there is an app for this?


            I see my own comments cannot be written, only the predetermined ones are available, any help on this?


            Please make it so that you can join more than 1 club, even just 2, for one language. I want to track my progress with different groups of friends.


            I started a Spanish club and anyone is welcome to join. Code: 9MEBU4 :)


            It would be really nice to be able to learn more than one language in the clubs. I am hoping for this in an update soon! :) So far clubs have been great and it is nice to have encouragement from friends in the new year while we all learn a language together. Thank you!


            join my club @ 6EUTRX


            U3EA75..enjoy learning German? Join this club.


            None of my friends use Duolingo unfortunately, but are there any Norwegian clubs I could join? :>


            Join my Spanish club XSG8ER


            Saludos a todos. I have just created a Spanish club and I would really appreciate any members. The club code is J4AYE2. See you in da club!


            OK, I was able to upload the "updated" Duolingo app and I joined the club. But, I am not sure what the purpose is. There are a lot of members and I just see postings of their progress. I thought we would be able to communicate with each other in the club.


            Join a french club! -4NS8C7


            I founded a club too - probably too soon. I can't invite anyone and there are no instructions on how to do so. Now I find this forum and have plenty of invitations to join a Spanish club. But there doesn't seem to be an option to do so! What is the deal? por favor, que pasa


            Do you use Android or Iphone? I only use Android marshmallow version 6.0.1. For that os i click clubs at the bottom of the screen on the Duo app, click members in upper right. Invitations and edit are found there. ¡Buena suerte! Roberto_dega


            looking for new members in German club SU3BR2


            is there any clubs that is open to anyone i would love to join one but have no family or friends who use Duolingo


            New Spanish club! Code is J4AYE3. Please join!


            Hola - Have I joined your " Club Espania " Code J4AYE3 ? Respuesta por favor.


            Wait... why can't we acess clubs on ipad and PC


            malo Duolingo !!


            Join the Portuguese Club RM2N8K


            Looking to Join a club in German or Swedish.....cant seem to find one all full


            Can I join more then one club at a time? Thank you.


            yes, I am quite interested. What is the next step for a language specific following?


            How do you join a club?


            Thank you so much for this amazing learning experience and I am learning so much!


            IS there a way to find out people's clubs ♣️ at some place?


            can someone please add me to their Spanish and German club? My friends in Jamaica are not interested in learning languages.


            please join my clubs... spanish-9XVNFE german-AHJ928


            Hola Shanahan84 - I " Think " I have already joined a club KnoxOakey J4YE3 but I have not yet had a reply - at this stage I am not sure how clubs function but presume originators are seeking members to join and the number indicates membership ?


            Can they also have it for computers to? Please? :)


            안녕하세요! I just started a new English for Korean Speakers club. The code is 5XZFDT. As we are all waiting for the Korean for English speakers course to be finished, several of us have joined the English for Korean speakers course instead. The intention of this new club of mine is for English speakers practicing Korean. If you are also interested in the Korean language join me.



            how do I join a club? My friend invited me to one and gave me a code word, but I don't see where to enter it.


            I would love to join a Spanish club as well, do you mind sharing the code so I can join as well? And it's in the app third button on the bottom. Looks like a shield


            I just joined this spanish club. Code: TH98D5


            https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20501722 Detailed instructions that only work on smart phones. No web version yet, but rumor has it that will happen in the future.


            I am interested to join a club. If anyone would like to invite me please send your code. Thanks, chanra


            How do I join a club?


            I just joined this spanish club. Code: TH98D5


            Yeah I can't figure it out

            1. go to the Phone app fo Duolingo.
            2. Change your settings so that you can immediately start working on the language, whose club you want to join.
            3. Click on the Clubs icon at the bottom (its to the left of the "store" icon.
            4. click on "Join a club".
            5. See: Join by Club code: Enter the club code here.
            6. Click "Join" button below.


            Kommt in unseren Club es sind nur noch wenige Plätze übrig beilt euch


            Thanks, I don't know what language that is but strangely I understood it ..lol


            I started a Russian club. The password is Y7WCAJ. Where is it? How do I see if anyone has joined? What are we going to do with this?


            If you click on the "clubs" button, the feed will tell you if someone has joined or not. Your club will show up on the same club button you clicked on to create the club in the first place.

            And, what they are going to do with this? I hope they are going to open it up so that we can actually use the clubs. Currently, the club do not do much, and are not worth joining. Why? Feed back as to which member is ahead does not alway show on the feed. Comments are limited to "specific words in bubbles for you to choose from". That is it. My friend and I created clubs for each language we are learning anyway, just in case Duolingo improves the clubs and makes them worthwhile. However, because we do not wish to wait, we decided to create a private space off of duolingo to have our "FL clubs".


            Can the name of a club be changed after you've created it? Can any language learner join my club or do they have to be learning the same language as me? When will the club be available on all platforms? Some of my friends told me that they weren't able to join with the given club code.


            They have to be learning the same language but actually have THAT language up such that they can immediately start working that language before they can actually join the club. Also, you can only have 15 friends join.


            Hi i just created swedish club code is 76SMX5


            Join my german club! Code: A8PBF9

            [deactivated user]

              French Club Code : W82Q5M


              I go to "clubs" but it says me: "An error occurred. Try again later"

              [deactivated user]

                Every french club I tried to join was full so I created my own. Code : W82Q5M looking for members.


                Join my Spanish club ........... XSG8ER


                I have tried joining clubs and a msg saying "this is a german club" and the another msg " you need to be learning german to join this group, and then nothing happens afterwards.... I tried with pretty new clubs so it wasn't full. how can i join a club?


                join my english club with this code : SY37Z2


                Hola! I am an English speaker learning Spanish and German. I am 20% fluent in Spanish and 11% in German. Since I am a beginner, I want to learn with other people to help my skills and hopefully help them in return. So, I am making a couple of group chats. The Duolingo group I am included in is J4AYE3. My Kik and Instagram is below, to create the group chats with other users, but please private message me before anything. Instagram: WhyShouldI_do_it Kik: WhyShouldI40


                Please join my German club Teutonic Gemeinde code UQ28NF. All you need to be to be welcome is supportive of others learning German.


                I've started a new German club and want to invite new members if you love the German language and are supportive of others then join my group. The code is UQ28NF.


                How can I add my picture on my profile? its not letting me?


                Join my French Club: Trilinguists Failures - 2SBV48


                so exciting to be a part of one


                I'm learning Spanish (and I'm currently at level 16), Italian (level 5) and French (Level 2) and would like to join a club where we can help each other along in these languages, or at least a couple of them. I know Swahili and that can be a bonus language :) if anyone is interested ;p :D


                I am also improving Spanish and would like to connect. I am not sure of how to join a club. I am still finding my way around the clubs. As a former resident of Andalucia, I'd like to continue and practise Spanish.


                Welcome to club Duomigos ... use code ZR3D2M to join


                Hi there, I created a club, but the members of it stick to '0' whatever we do... Everyone has '0 XP', even if we do exercices. Something seems wrong...


                I was in a club and got to 1,500 + in the club then was reset to 0.


                This is a welcome feature. Why not add learning leagues as well (think clans in Clash of Clans but you gain points from scoring points)? It would also be useful to include the feature to join a random league for a particular language, since I suspect many duolingo learners are doing it solo. Maybe sort groups based on total duolingos, daily coaching XP level, difficulty, etc. Can I also suggest that you take some time to standardise features across all platforms. It's frustrating that I can access groups through my android phone but not via a web browser. It's also frustrating that my friends can use talkbots on IOS but I still don't have this feature on Android. It's all a bit of a mess at the moment ;(


                Are you learning german? join my club CVRK92, we will have a lot of fun together


                German club. Code is H57MPF ;)


                So how do we get into this discussion?


                Is anyone else having a problem with their Club tab? I joined a club and could see club activity for about three days, but now my club tab is empty. My friends in the club say I'm still part of it and they can see everything just fine, but I'm unable to see anything at all. Uninstalling and Reinstalling the app didn't fix the issue either.


                this thing is AMAZING im so happy there makeing clubs


                That's actually very helpful!


                Great idea !!! Can't wait to try it out :)


                Brand new Spanish club!! All welcome!! T7N3QD


                Brand new Spanish club!! All levels welcome!! 9GB5h8


                But how can I join a club if I have no one I know in Duolingo? I tried to join a German club and the app asked me to type a club code in. I don't understand what it is, and how I can get it, and what I should do if I have no friend here.


                You can join my German club the code is UQ28NF.


                Hello. I am Nabila from Indonesia, I am glad to join this course. I can enjoy learning Deutch. Happy learning


                In need of lingot please donate


                Spanish Champs club --> 4KZEBM


                I just joined but now what do I do? Do we not have discussions in Spanish? Where?


                if anyone is looking to join a Swedish club, i just started one the code is YAV89G


                A club is all very well but none of my friends on Facebook are studying German at the level I am at. What would be great is if you could somehow allow us to link up with other Duolingo users studying the same language at the same level. I would love to have some conversations with someone at the same level - or even a German learning English would work on a Skype call.


                Sounds really cool, Luis.


                Danish club for English speakers.



                Please add clubs and bot-chat to the web asap. It doesn't make sense to me to add things only to mobile. When you upgrade, please add them across both web and mobile at the same time.


                I have a club code but when I enter it, I get a message saying I must be taking Italian which is currently my only language. Any way to get around this?

                • 2380

                Hi! Would you like to join my german club RWM2KY Thanks for the app!


                Tried RWM2KY. When I click join it says I need to be learning German! Which I am.. and it won't let me join. :(


                Isn't it easier to set up Facebook groups for each language and allow people to join? Isn't that the easiest way to get connected with other people learning same language. Would need to be closed group so only Duolingo people allowed. But if I cannot even join club...little point.


                When will Tiny Cards app and Chat Bots be available on Android?


                The World is our family! ¡Bienvenido! Here's the code - H4GCND ¡Gracias! - For lovers of Spanish! :)


                Hello, I've just created a new club but my friends don't have the app (old smartphone). Is it possible to join the club with the internet version of Duolingo? Thanks :) and Happy New Year


                Any open position in a Spanish Language learners club? I would very much like to be a part of one, as none of my friends here in India are particularly interested in learning Spanish but I am. Any such Club's membership will be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)


                what is the advantage of joining a club?


                Russian beginners, use this code to join my club! S4WCK3


                Don't forget to improve the web version. Why can't we access to Immersion Section? Translating can learn us greatly. Thanks for your job.


                So clubs are like chat rooms?


                Hi! I created a new French club and you are welcome :) 5TU7QG


                Join The French Foreign Legion! CY2VHQ The Battle begins with you!


                JOIN my club since they're all full! Spanish Hearts or Corazones Españoles! Hurry before it fills up! Code P7VYFQ All are welcome! Especially people who are from other countries aside from my own here in the USA! I love other cultures :)


                I found that there is a big difference between Duolingo on the web, iOS app and Android app.

                On iOS app, I can find Home, Bots, Clubs & Shop. On Android app, I find Home, Friends, Club & Shop, however the club is empty without any contents.

                Moreover, when I log in another account on iOS app, it's COMPLETELY different! There's "health" , "crystals", no "clubs", no "lingots",and the shop with strange items to buy. What's that??


                Will it be added on the website and on the app for Windows Phones? Yeah... because I don't have Android nor Apple...


                I only use a laptop.. Please add to web version soon!!!


                Everybody join my french club:85RXSD

                [deactivated user]

                  Join my French club Code: W82Q5M Looking for more members


                  I want duolingo clubs on my computer, when is that happening? That would be exciting. For me at least.


                  I will be grateful with a PC version.


                  For Russian and others English club


                  Клуб для русскоязычных и др изучающих английский cod: 4FNMEV


                  Is there, or will there be, a way to bet Lingots within the clubs? For example: Everyone bets 10 Lingots and the person with the most xp at the end of the week wins them all. Or everyone bets 10 Lingots and takes a quiz, then the person with the highest score wins them all.


                  Is there a way to opt out of this? I liked it when I could see my friends by clicking one icon at the bottom of the app screen. Now I have to go into clubs (which I don't want) and then click profile in the top left, just to see my friends and their scores for the week. I'm on iOS.

                  Thank you for introducing clubs for those who want to use it, but I'd like to have an easier way to see my friends.

                  [deactivated user]

                    Hey guys i just made an Italian club...please feel free to join me there. Code:JN2T5P


                    Hey! For some reason, it's not possible to comment on other people's progress in my Esperanto club. It is, however, possible in my french club. Why is that?


                    English club please join RYXFJV


                    I've created a club in GERMAN language, the code is: 2FAK8D


                    How do I join????!!!!


                    I opened a club (Android app) and several people joined. However not clear how to use the club. When I click on "Members", I see 0 XP behind each names - although I know they do practice. Even behind my own name I see the same score. Is there any privacy settings which blocks to display results?


                    im in a club on the ios


                    Could you enable creating clubs by strangers? not only by friends? I have no friends who learn too, but I would love to join in with someone/s and learn together.


                    It's a very awesome function, and I enjoy it a lot! Hope to see it on the web version soon as well


                    thank you duo lingo any way can you tell me how to get friend in duo lingo


                    my new club for learn english


                    i test this feature , in the last there are a match with learner



                    Hi guys! I am currently practicing German and I just created this group: BXK6RV hoping that it will be a competitive group with people that work daily and support each other.

                    I have cookies :D


                    I am learning german but Duo is telling me that can-t join the group beacause it is opened only for german learning people :(. How can i join the group?


                    make sure you are not connected with any of your other languages, if you are, try and change for german. Maybe that will work?


                    In fact it doesn't work. I have change my first language and nothing happen :(


                    Love this idea! But, can't access on my Android app! The page is blank when I click that tab.


                    English club FKA9E6


                    HI!! Anyone wish to join my Spanish group??? The code is 7F8BGT. All levels are welcomed. This group is not full.


                    Are there any clubs you can join with people other than friends or family? No-one I know is interested but it would be great to practice with other people!


                    Duo's new "clubs" remind me of IRC. Here's an interim alternative: check out what is available for IRC in the platform and language of your choice. You might be surprised that the bugs have been worked out and that the OPS has complete control. For example in some cases, if your bot detects inappropriate language is being used the offender can be warned, kicked, and then banned.


                    WHY IS IT NOT ON THE COMPUTER VERSION???!!!! Otherwise unfair.


                    is this only for mobile devices?


                    Duolingo Clubs are integrated with the latest versions of the Duolingo iOS app and Duolingo Android app...We hope to add Clubs to Duolingo on the web too!

                    You are correct, hopefully they will add other platforms later.


                    I think it'd be great if DuoLingo added a chat function! I believe that it will help with the community-like feel of the clubs.


                    Hey guys just recently made a new group, I have a few slots left open for everyone. The code is: H3ZPS7


                    Definitely needs a web interface, and the ability to share files.


                    I can see to join a club on my iPod. But, not on my laptop. Much easier to use the laptop than the iPod. Hope we can get to that new feature soon.


                    Hope this is added to the web version soon. Unfortunately my phone isn't good enough to use the feature but it sounds great :D


                    Great idea, but firstly it would be great if this was on the main site as well (so i can join in on my laptop too!). Secondly I set up a group and got given a code to give to potential members i.e. my friends but where do I send that to them? it would be really good if you could just add your friends from your 'following' list directly. Thanks for making this though!


                    Mostly clubs are full so I created a new one for russian learners. The code is TPZENJ


                    Thank you, Duolingo team,

                    This new update is fantastic! I used my club as a way to get my friends into doing Duolingo! Now they thrive on the friendly competition within our french club.


                    waarom is dit niet voor computer


                    you are ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ horrorble


                    how do you get in a club?


                    French beginners club: SAY854


                    Are there any Indians learning German here? I looking for a group to join and learn. Please provide a code which has place for me.


                    I would love to enjoy Duolingo Clubs but I am only able to access it from my laptop since my phone is broke. I hope you can get it on the web soon and good luck on your further improvements.


                    by the way i started a new portuguese club its called BRocks and the code is 9WHR2Y


                    YI WANT TO JOIN A GERMAN CLub


                    Utterly pointless. I'd rather have immersion and my activity stream...


                    Can you join a club on the conputer?


                    A very poor deal, deleting Immersion and giving us Clubs.


                    This is such a great idea!!! However I'd like to see it out on the web too, because I use duolingo more on the internet.


                    I created a club with code of "JK9AGN" for Spanish Learners


                    Hi. As this is an online course, why limit a club to a specific area? I'm just curious. I thought the purpose of these clubs is to bring different areas and cultures, learning the same language, together.


                    Hi Carol,

                    Yeah you're right. I edited my comment above. I just thought of maybe organizing one locally like a meetup every month or so for the group/club if every member belongs to the same geographic area.


                    Great idea, unfortunately, I am alone ine my group for friend to work on my spanish skills. In there some consideration in a near future to be able to join clubs around the world?


                    New Spanish Club code: MSVAG8


                    how can we access duolingo clubs from the online website? is there any way?


                    English club for italian code:V3RKJ6


                    Isn't there any way you could bring this feature to the browser? My friend don't have space for the app and I think it would greatly improve both of our language studies if we could do it together!


                    Copy this ' B65TCV ' and paste to: Join the 'Spanish Learning League' with up to 13 others before the spots fill up and watch as you challenge each other to be better than you were yesterday in learning a new language in duolingo! -Like to see your fellow members keeping their STREAK alive? -Motivated by ranking up higher among your peers in XP? -Enjoy seeing others learn new skills along with you in your club? -Want to show friends and family how duolingo is exciting and the members in your club are always learning?

                    This SPANISH-exclusive duolingo club is like no other!.. As it wants really active duolingo users. I created this with a purpose of: logging in, seeing where I'm ranked compared to my fellow members, see how active they are, sharing comments and "likes" of their achievements and knowing I'm learning right there with them while earning XP and leveling-UP. That's right, this where you'll want to be if you desire a competitive and motivating club!

                    See you in the MEMBERS area...


                    لمن يريد المشاركة معنا في نادينا يستخدم الكود التالي: 《GZSP8N》 مرحبا بكم


                    New dutch club: DJTNZ3 :)


                    join my club with the code 'GMZNSV'


                    Anyone have a Spanish club going I can join? If so, send me the code at edwardbyrnes@gmail.com Thanks! ~Ed


                    I don't know if I'm just misunderstanding how to use it or not, but I have the clubs tab on my android app, it's all up to date and yet I can't seem to find how to join any clubs?


                    Hallo! Please join my German group (code XB6PEG), I just created it. Danke!


                    Hi! Anyone is welcome to join my clubs! French: YK762M and Italian: 9Y6WAS


                    Not on chromebooks (im in school)


                    Duolingo is basically life


                    Please add on online version as well


                    Yes, please make this feature available on the web version! Thanks.


                    Is it possible to be in more than one club at a time?


                    Yes, it is. You just have to be sure that you switch to the language the club is apart of BEFORE you try to join the club. You can only join clubs of languages you are learning. I am apart of 14 clubs.


                    How do you get in a club?


                    https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20501722 has all the instructions. I'm sorry that a duolingo search does NOT bring up this post. Thanks!


                    Why only on Android?


                    Its available on the iphone too.


                    Sorry, I meant, why not on P.C. :\


                    My understanding is that they will do that later. I think that they want to work out any issues first, and also I think working out server load and all that is a higher priority so that they can handle the server load when they implement the clubs to PC. However, the clubs as they stand do not do anything really. Without being able to type freely, the clubs are not very useful at this time. I am hoping they can improve on all that later. And I think they will over time.


                    Hello everyone, I'm learning English and Italian if you want to join the Code is DPSFV8


                    Its useful to know if that code if for learning English or for learning Italian. That code won't work for both. Its associated with the specific club whose language you are learning. Thanks! signed native English speaker who is lousy at Grammar in all languages, including my own. ;)


                    Yes you're right I didn't notice that, thank you. It is the first time that I have created a club :)


                    Hi everyone, join my French club if you'd like! HBT82N


                    I wish you could have clubs on the computer as well............


                    I hate this. And if it's the reason why you removed this treasure that was the immersion feature, I hate this even more. (Unless you put back a creative feature in Duolingo, to use our skills in making our own sentences)

                    I don't need a club, I don't need to compare with other users, I don't see the positive it could add, I progress my own pace, but the immersion feature, was really a positive addition!


                    Anybody needing a club that isn't full and is made for Italian begginers here is a code: 3HZ7VP club name is Italian Beginners


                    I love the idea of a club and have started a French learners club ( Les Enfants d'Horus) membership is open to anyone interested in joining and leaning French along with me. I can't wait for the clubs option to live on the web site as I have someone wishing to join my club and this person does not have access to an ios or Android device and uses the site only online.


                    All are welcome to my French club. Code: M6RPZD


                    I made a club recently, and it really is a fantastic feature! The only thing I wish it had is a way to award lingots to my members. But that is merely an addition - I love what is already there, so bravo on your work!


                    Where do I find it on a computer??


                    There seems to be a bug or a design flaw on the ios iPad app for the club tab. Now that I have started a club I no longer have an option to join or create other clubs. All I have access to is the one club that I am in. The club heading is greyed out. I downloaded an update yesterday (Feb 1 ) So I am running the most up to date version of the app. Please change this so that ipAd users are not limited to one club only.


                    How do I start the competition with the participants of the club that you create?


                    Hallo Leute:) I've just created German club so feel free to join it: GK7548


                    I want to join 2 different clubs for Spanish. Can I do that?


                    I wish there could be more than 15 people in a club...


                    Made one for English: 9B32M7 Feel free to enter :)


                    how do i join a club


                    You have to find a club code on duolingo through discussion search for the language you are learning. IF you create a club, please post the code to the 2nd link below.

                    Here is complete instructions. Good luck on finding a club code on duolingo! Please upvote my thread too because trolls downvoted it and doing a forum search does not make my post findable! Thanks!


                    Club codes? Please post your codes here WITH the language the code is for: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20194026

                    It will be easier for us to find them instead of everyone posting somewhere below. Thanks!


                    Club codes? Please post your codes here WITH the language the code is for: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20194026

                    It will be easier for us to find them instead of everyone posting somewhere below. Thanks!


                    rip, thought they might be on pc. You should add this into the next add on to the pc version of duolingo. Would be much appreciated thanks.


                    will it ever come out for Microsoft phones ?


                    Hei! I made a club for all skam fans to join since I couldn't find one to join myself that wasn't full. The code is 6JRQF. Feel free to join!


                    59ZCHV Since all group are filled,I created one. For SPANISH lover's. Feel free to join


                    Join our Spanish Club! All welcome. 5 spots left 7QUGF6


                    It would be fun if u would join the toddler group for español . group code : 59ZCHV


                    Hey, do anyone of you know how to join a club? I need help.


                    Italian Club - HZGK6W. Feel free to join!


                    Club for Dutch learning English: AFTJMB


                    Nuevo club para Ingles -> VG534Y Por favor, mantener actividad en Duolingo.


                    Join my club Ocean at K9PC8W


                    French for English speakers: UN97VM :-)


                    I love this new feature on the app, it give people more motivation to learn a different langue, but I only have on question (plz do not think of this as a complaint) how do I get this feature to work on my MacBook?