"I wear my wool coat"

Translation:Φοράω το μάλλινο παλτό μου.

December 29, 2016

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I understand why the posted translation is correct, buy why is "Εγω φοραω το μαλλινο παλτο μου" incorrect?


It's not -- well, except for the missing accents. I'm not sure whether Duo marks those wrong or not.


No, Duo does not mark missing/incorrect accents, capitals, punctuation etc as wrong.


Εγω φοραω το μαλλινο παλτο μου is still marked wrong


In addition to all that mizinamo has explained may I ask if this was on a Strengthen Skills exercise?


"Εγώ φοράω το μάλλινο παλτό μου." is one of the accepted translations -- did you enter your sentence without the accent marks?

Also, are you using the mobile app or the website?

I wonder whether this is a "zombie" sentence... I can find the sentence Φοράω το μάλλινοι παλτό μου in the incubator, but the English-to-Greek discussion link there leads nowhere, and the link to the incubator in this discussion also leads nowhere.

So it's possible you're seeing some older version of the sentence which was "deleted" but still hangs around somehow -- in which case I'm afraid I don't know what to do to help.


εγω ;;;;;


"εγώ φοράω το μάλλινο παλτό μου" is STILL marked as wrong!


Our incubator clearly shows "Εγώ φοράς...." as correct. The issue is a technical one which we have reported. However, the linguistic team is not able to edit this ... we would have done so many months ago.

Please report this to directly to


Thank you for your interest and assitance.

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