"Muzicuțele sunt foarte ușoare."

Translation:The harmonicas are very light.

December 29, 2016

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not easy, as in easy to play?


that would be ' muzicuta este foarte usor de invatat' , always to singular.


Thank you. Based on your username, I assume you are a native Romanian speaker so I trust you. However, I can't help but feel like the intended meaning might have been easy to play (in particular in view of sentences such as this one.

Therefore I am wondering: could it be that the plural is used simply because there are several types of harmonicas (most notably diatonic vs chromatic), so it is treated as a family of instrument rather than a single instruments?


Tu further support my point: this Duolingo course sees to frequently use muzicuță in the plural even when an English speaker might use a singular, as in Ei cântă numai la muzicuțe


The definite article could also be absent from the English translation, as the context isn't clear on whether we're talking about specific harmonicas or harmonicas in general. Both 'the harmonicas' and 'harmonicas' are correct in this situation.


Invatat = learn what is for play=? In romanian? And is the meaning in romanian sentence is that harmonicas are light (not heavu) or that they are easy to play with? For me second is closer but will be neter to be sure

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