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  5. "A ajuta o femeie bătrână"

"A ajuta o femeie bătrână"

Translation:To help an old woman

December 30, 2016



it is quite rude to say "bătrân(ă)" when referring to a person. "în vârstă" is more polite


We have that in Spanish, too. In our language, it's rude to call an old person "viejo(a)" so we say "persona mayor".


It is not rude to say bătrân(ă) ,it is only a word like tânăr(ă). It is rude to say "babă"(moș)


I feel like I shouldnt be told something wrong in a non english language when I misuse a or an, when the sentence is so completely valid except the a or an i english


Because „veche” it is used for things (e.g. a book) not for a human being.

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