" hir"

Translation:A long house

December 30, 2016



Perhaps a Welsh / British thing, but what's a 'long house'?


Just a house that happens to be long in shape. There are specific styles of 'longhouse' in various parts of the world, though - look at the information about them on the web - that would probably also be described as tŷ hir in Welsh.


The long house is very much a feature of Welsh architecture. The idea was that the human occupants had one end of the long house and the cattle had the other end behind a partition. There are surviving examples, but best seen at St Fagans:


It's a fascinating subject and one of my ambitions is to be able to understand the excellent S4C programme Y Ty Cymreig without the subtitles!


Didn't Vikings have long houses too?


Tŷ Mawr in Penmachno seems like it may also be an example of this type of house. Birth place of William Morgan

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