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  5. "I don't wear clothes"

"I don't wear clothes"

Translation:Δεν φοράω ρούχα

December 30, 2016



Be confident in your body duolingo!


Owls wear feathers and have no need for clothes.


Hmm...I seem to be a nudist? Noooo :D actually I'm about to take a shower ;)


Why isn't, "Εγώ δεν φοράω το ρούχα" Acceptable??


As mizinamo said, ρούχα is plural.

The article 'τα' is ommited, because in this case, "I don't wear clothes" declares that a person is not wearing clothes in general, at all. Imagine that this phrase might have been "I don't wear clothes while taking a shower." (The speaker is generally speaking.)

You could only use a definite article to indicate a crtain kind of clothes that you don't wear, but that would normally be accompanied by a pronoun.

for exp. Εγώ δεν φοράω αυτά τα ρούχα - I don't wear/I'm not wearing these clothes.

There are also a few cases with no article, only a pronoun. (the pronoun τέτοιος-α-ο might actually be the only case.)

for exp. Εγώ δεν φοράω τέτοια ρούχα - I don't wear such clothes.

I hope I helped a bit. ^.^


το is the neuter singular article, but ρούχα (like "clothes") is plural.

Also, I don't think any definite article would be appropriate here even in Greek, but I'm not completely sure of that nor would I be able to explain why.

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