"Man" in a lyrical context? If it's a dumb question let me know.

This is from the Mattias Alkberg song Ragnar (Getting into Swedish indie came before my decision to start learning Swedish):

"En sån dag

fåglar sjunger, man är glad

Allt är fest

grannen spelar punk och man är bäst"

Google Translate (admittedly not the best) translates "man är glad" as "you are glad" and "man är bäst" as "it is the best". What happened here? Is the use of man here like man in grime music ("man don't care" - i don't care/he doesn't care)? Is it like "man, it is the best"?

I'm like level 11 so if this is something you learn later on feel free to call me a moron, but this looks like very odd usage to me. Tack på förhand!

December 30, 2016


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