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"Voglio pane però io non voglio acqua."

February 17, 2013



The difference is that ma=but/however/yet, pero=pear tree, and però=but/however/yet... :)

Ma and però are generally interchangeable. The simple answer is that "ma" is found at the beginning of a phrase, such as I do not want water/non voglio acqua.

The more complex answer is that però can be an exclamation, can be placed at the end or the middle of a phrase, and can have a more emphatic use.

You could say "Voglio pane. Non voglio acqua, però." meaning "I want bread. I do not want water, however."

Or even "Non voglio acqua." and somebody responds "Però!" meaning "Would you look at that! He doesn't want water..."


what is the difference in between "ma" and "pero"?


Shouldn't "Voglio pane però non voglio acqua" be accepted?


I'd like to know too...


I'd like to know too...

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