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I'm still a turtle!

Some may have seen my other post about Duolingo making me say "I'm a turtle" when taking Portuguese. But now it won't stop :( I'm learning Italian and I am still a turtle. For those who missed the story, my nickname has been "Turtle" since middle school. I'm in college now, and no one calls me Turtle except for Duolingo. If this keeps going I will suffer an identity crisis :'(.

This is the snapshot again: http://imageshack.com/a/img713/6446/nu4m.png

February 26, 2014



I'm note sure about it, but I think DUO also thinks "I owe a chicken" to someone, or maybe it thinks I am indebted to a chicken. Either way I know its so wierd how it chooses its lesson sentences. Good for comic relief, I guess. LOL. Keep up the good work Turtle!


I'm almost a little bit jealous of people getting fun sentences like that. Most of mine tend to be boring like "I like the red boots better than those black ones" :/


I get those too, but also these types of sentences... and it's ironic that I've specifically gotten the turtle one twice in portuguese and once in Italian, but I don't recall it ever saying I was another animal :o


don't worry my sentences are even more boring


That's okay, Duolingo thinks I'm a penguin.


Awww, Duolingo should stop doing that!


Duolingo thinks I am female, and then male, and then female...

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