"Eu îl sun pe Andrei."

Translation:I call Andrew.

December 30, 2016

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Is this 'call' as in (tele)phoning him or 'call' as in shouting out for him?


Good question, îl sun is only by phone, îl strig is for shouting.


Shouldn't the translation be 'I'll call' or 'I'm calling'?

"I call Andrei" wouldn't be said in English... maybe technically it's correct and perhaps people with a higher understanding of language could argue that case - I'm not entirely sure.

However, I'm pretty certain a Romanian speaker saying "Eu îl sun pe Andrei." is telling me they're about to call Andrei... but "I call Andrei" is not regular English.

I believe Duo should accept "I'll call Andrei".

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