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  5. "Πόσο είναι το άθροισμα;"

"Πόσο είναι το άθροισμα;"

Translation:How much is the sum?

December 30, 2016



I answered 'what is the total?' Is that different from the sum? Can άθροισμα mean total?




In math terms, sum and total probably mean the same thing. But:

"The sum of 4 and 2 is 6." sounds much more natural than

"the total of 4 and 2 is 6."

Total seems like the more general term, while sum is primarily, (not exclusively) used for math. I hope this is a bit helpful. ^.^


Could you use Τι or Ποιο here instead?


Only ποιο. Πόσο είναι το άθροισμα actually translates as "how much is the sum?".


Thanks. That's what I thought, but with the translation being 'what is the sum?', that's what was confusing. So with ποιο you're actually saying 'which is the sum?' ? Translated this does sound odd if you're asking for a total.


You say what is the sum. Greek has different uses for ποιο and τι. Τι more asks for the nature of something, whereas ποιο is used in cases where "what" in english asks about something. So, τι είναι το άθροισμα (better translated as "what is sum") gets an answer like "the total amount resulting from the addition of two or more numbers, amounts, or items." and ποιο είναι το άθροισμα gets an answer like "2000".


That's great, makes sense. Thanks for the help :)


I answered "What is the amount?" Why would that have been marked incorrect please?

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