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Documents you enjoy(ed) translating

Hello, I created this post for us to share documents we like translating (as the title explains). I had first thought about it while translating some old documents that had lost momentum but weren't fully translated, or reviewed. I thought it would help to attract new people to them. I finally decided to create this post because now Duolingo only allows us to upload documents from Wikipédia which I often find boring. I hope that we could share on this pages interesting documents that are not yet fully translated. But we could also share positive experiences in Immersion to remind Duolingo's team how great a tool Immersion is, while they seem to want to abandon it. I hope we can soon upload documents from other sources than Wikipedia!

December 30, 2016



I used to enjoy uploading and translating fairy tales and stories for children. I uploaded several in Norwegian, Danish and Catalán. I found that these stories offered a greater insight to the culture of the countries where these languages we study are spoken, moreso than Wikipedia articles, even articles about those countries or the histories of those countries.

It disappointed me that I could never find any Welsh children's stories available online to upload to Immersion. There were quite a few books available, but I never could find any with the text available online.






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