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"Es una de las cosas en la lista."

Translation:It is one of the things on the list.

February 17, 2013



Can't I say "it is one of the things in the list" it didn't like the "In"


I tend to agree with Duo --- I usually hear "on the list" when people speak of lists


It's not as common, but I do sometimes hear "in the list."


I think/use "on the list" usually but in python programming I tend to think "in the list" when dealing with lists. Probably because a list in a computer program you often do not have a snap shot of it in your mind. The contents are often ambiguous. You have the "in" operator in python to test if an item is in/on a list too.


I also think 'item' can be used in this case.


I would use it is one of the things in the list as well as on the list. I think both are correct and both should be accepted.


I thought "item¨would fit the context better than "thing".


Agree. But they counted that as incorrect for me.


It is correct English to say "in the list" as well as "on the list."


I am marking 'item' to be accepted


In everyday English "in the list" will sound strange for most native speakers. It's not necessarily wrong, but it's the kind of thing that would make the old-timers say, "You ain't from around here, are you?"


From upstate New York, "in the list" is most definitely the more common way of saying this. It's what I put, and was surprised when Duo flagged it wrong. DL should accept both of these as correct, I'd think.


When I hear "on the list," I imagine a conversation like this. "Where is the grocery list?" "I put it under the keys so you won't forget it." "Oh, so the keys are ON the list."

You aren't buying new keys as part of the grocery list. You buy the things listed IN the list.

Native speaker, and I asked around. Everyone I talked to IN Indiana (not ON Indiana) said IN the list.


In the list is ok


If its in the contents of a list then its IN a list


Its contained in the list not mounted on the list!


Thought lista ment ready. It should be ready.


Yes 'Estoy lista', 'Está en la lista' with different meanings.

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