"Veniamo dalle donne."

Translation:We come from the women.

February 17, 2013

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A question for the native speakers - does "dalle donne" reference a physical location where the women in question were situated or does it translate more like "from the womb" (as in 'we are born from women')? Or can it be mean both? Thank you!


It could mean both.


Why is "we come from the women's place" wrong? I had a similar sentence with men's place so why not women's?


Was it with the same verb? I know that Ceniamo dalle donne would be 'we dine at the women's' because in that context 'da' is similar to the french 'chez' which means 'at the place of'. Here though it doesn't seem to have that context. And it could be used for example by people coming to represent a group of women who were not able to come themselves, or to indicate that that is who you have just been with. It does not necessarily imply that as a fixed place.


We can't deny this fact !!


I'm with Allen, I don't understand why "women's place" is not right.


Considering the other example with having dinner at the boys', why can this not be "we come to the women's"? My assumption was that it's like the French 'chez'. And besides, "we come from the women" makes very little sense...


Because 'dalle' is from, not to. It is like chez, but 'womens' is not a word. 'women' is already plural. If you want the possessive then women's. I can think of several contexts where 'we come from the women' would make sense.


Okay... Your explanation above was a bit more helpful (the apostrophe was a typo) - it honestly does not sound at all natural as an English sentence, though.


Could "Dalle donne" in this sentence mean a more abtract thing, kind of being with them doesn't matter the place or that you've been hanging out with them? Like would this make sense "veniamo dalle donne e dicono ciao!"? Kind of like they send their regards?


Actually we all come from outer space, where the building blocks of life arrived by meteorites on the surface of the earth :-)


"We come from women" should be the correct translation in English.

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