"El își omoară câinele!"

Translation:He kills his dog!

December 30, 2016



not possible to use more useful and positive phrases?

February 3, 2017


"his own dog" has to be accepted too, it is closer to the Romanian meaning of the senence, which actually means nothing else. The English sentence without "own", may have the meaning like Jim kills John's dog, which is not the case for Romanian, which is more specific, the "își" pointing to "himself", or "his own".

OTOH, we subscribe to the general discussion that more positive sentences should be used... https://youtu.be/mcZLZF-jVEQ?t=207

April 2, 2017


should we be worried?

April 15, 2017


El nu ştie să nu dai ciocolată câinelui. (Hope I got this right)

January 14, 2018


Leave it to the Romanians <they have somebody kills his dog> The French have with the prisons. We are covered really well with the vocabulary in case we want to write a crime story.

December 30, 2016


Nu pot să cred că cineva s-a găndit să formuleze o asemenea frază, doar ca să folosească util cuvintele...eu cred că este făcută tendențios!!! Urât... Putea să formuleze de exemplu zicala "El îşi omoară timpul..."

March 1, 2018


Either use he's killing or he is

December 3, 2018
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