"canari, armăsari, măgari și hamsteri"

Translation:canaries, stallions, donkeys, and hamsters

December 30, 2016

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WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN HOW TO SAY THE I AT THE END I EITHER PRONOUNCE IT FULLY OR LEAVE IT OUT COMPLETELY GAAHHHH DHEFUHEWFUQWEJQGHWUFEI this is it, I am officially losing my sanity. #sendhelpmyromanianfriendspleaseyouaremylasthope


Yes, difficult to hear. However we are practising plurals in this section and don't worry: in a conversation it would would be easier because you can get it also from the context


Sounds like a good night out in Bucharest


Whereas I do hear the "i" sound at the ends of "armăsari, măgari and hamsteri, I really cannot hear it at all at the end of canari.


Something bad has happened to the voice here - the previous lessons sounded mostly like a real person, this is like a really bad automated voice.


Where's the -i? I hear absolutely no i at the end.

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