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"Một người ăn chay không ăn thịt trứng."

Translation:A vegetarian does not eat meat and eggs.

December 30, 2016



A vegetarian eats eggs though ^^ A Vegan doesn't.


Depends where you are. Vegetarians in India do not eat eggs, so maybe this is a cultural lesson?


In English "meat and eggs" sounds like a combination platter. "Doesn't eat meat OR eggs" or "eats neither meat nor eggs" would be more like it in English.


Shouldn't "A vegetarian doesn't eat meat nor eggs" be accepted?


A vegetarian eats eggs but no meat.


"a vegetarian doesn't eat meat or eggs" should be accepted


The English translation should read "A vegetarian does not eat meat nor eggs." While technically correct, the message is much clearer with "nor" rather than "and."

For example, in this scenario, a vegetarian does not eat meat and eggs. But what about meat and cheese? The condition "and" implies that the vegetarian might eat meat with other products.

The message you wanted to convey was that the vegetarian eats neither meat nor eggs.


Do vegetarians really not eat eggs?

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